In magit, can I interactively rebase onto another branch?

I have a feature branch that I want to interactively rebase on master, like:A - B - C - D (master) \ E - F (feature)The desired result isA - B - C - D (master) - E - F (feature)with some sanity-check scripts running after E and F (using exec lines on the rebase-todo file).However, if I go to magit's log buffer and type r e with the point on commit D, magit performs a git rebase -i D^ instead of git rebase -i D, so the feature's commits are replayed from C. What I want is to rebase onto the tip of master, not onto master^.So:Is there a...Read more

How to do an interactive rebase (rebase -i) on a mirrored repo

I am experiencing some issues when I try to do an interactive rebase on a repo created via a mirror.Situation. The original repo was created:git clone --mirror, a lot of garbage commits have gone into this mirrored repo (so it is NOT a mirror anymore).Problem:I tried doing a rebase using this link:Remove specific commitBut because this is a mirror repo, it did not work. Below are the steps I took. I entered the command git rebase -i HEAD~15And below is the error:Any ideas on how to continue. I am ne...Read more

Issue with deliver vs rebase in clearcase ucm

I am in a confusion here on UCM rebase vs deliver. So, I have a parent stream A and two child streams B and C taken from different baselines of parent stream.Now, I have delivered from stream B to Stream A and created a new baseline. Now, I tried to rebase stream C and I got very few elements to merge. Whereas , If I deliver from B to C , I get many elements to merge. Why is this so? should both not be same as the changes from B are already delivered to A?...Read more

rebase - replay local commits in bzr

I work with bazaar binded to the server. Our bazaar server was down, so I unbound myself with bzr unbind and committed locally with bzr commit. The server is up again so I used bzr bind and now my commits show as pending merge and my commits appear in the local diff.I would like to push them to the server on the main (only) branch so that the bazaar history looks like the server never had any issue. When I try bzr rebase <mybranch> it says that I have uncommitted changes, and with --pending-merges it says I have no revision to rebase...Do...Read more

rebase - Rebasing and debugging

So usually when I debug with IDA I don't come across any issues; however, with this one particular process (which is 9.9 MB in size before modules) IDA insists it rebase every single time it starts the process, which freezes IDA and forces me to wait a good 20-30 minutes before it actually starts.Why does it do this, and can I somehow disable this? I'm new-ish to advanced debugging such as this so rebasing only makes a little sense to me....Read more

rebase - Is it "ok" to commit to detached head after resolving conflicts when rebasing with TortoiseGit?

During a rebase, TortoiseGit gave me a list of conflicts to resolve. I did that and tried to commit, but then it complained that I was committing to a detached head. I was given the option to create another branch which I declined.I've read somewhere that you don't normally want to commit to a detached head, but I read elsewhere that this is a normal part of the rebase operation. It appeared to work fine, and nothing seems to have been lost.Did I do the right thing committing to a detached head in this case?...Read more