Does reactjs extend javascript

In the tutorial there is the following codeclass Board extends React.Component { renderSquare(i) { return <Square value={i} />; }The return statement has text within angled brackets that are not quoted. Does the reactjs code gets preprocessed before sent to javascript interpreter ?...Read more

reactjs - AG-Grid Column Headers stacked to left

I am using ag-grid react and when rendering table. I am getting column headers stacked to left. The CSS provided are:<div style={{ width: '100%', height: "100vh", marginTop: '5%'}}> <div style={{ boxSizing: "border-box", height: "100vh", width: "100%" }} className="ag-theme-fresh" > <AgGridReact id="myGrid" columnDefs={th...Read more

reactjs - Clickable url value in ag-grid with react

I'm currently giving ag-grid a try and trying to build a table where if the user clicks a column value, they are taken to a page containing that entry's details.How can I make a cell value clickable in ag-grid?I've tried using valueGetter: this.urlValueGetter with columnDefs and:urlValueGetter(params) { return '<a href=\'bill/' + + '\'>details</a>';}but it now looks like this:I then tried using template: '<a href=\'bill/{id}\'>details</a>' which does show the cell text as clickable but the id is not repla...Read more

reactjs - Rendering D3 code that is not hard coded

I notice that in much of the D3 documentation the charts, graphs, margins and so on are often hard coded. The xAxis is 500px, etc.. This isn't very helpful for me. So I'm trying to think of how I can accomplish a dynamic approach to rendering D3 content in React. For example, in the following code I am simply rendering a line based on some time-series stock-price data. I have some D3 code in componentDidMount but given the way D3 works it wants concrete width and height values. But in componentDidMount I don't have those values yet. Lets ...Read more

reactjs - How to prevent event propagation for "Enter" key press in ag-grid-react cellEditor component?

My question primarily revolves around this statement in the docs w.r.t. the react component: cellEditor Params onKeyDown Callback to tell grid a key was pressed - useful to pass control key events (tab, arrows etc) back to grid - however you do not need to call this as the grid is already listening for the events as they propagate. This is only required if you are preventing event propagation.I understand that the cellEditor params exist as the props being passed to the react version of the component but I can't seem to find how to atta...Read more

reactjs - How to Test AgGridReact with Jest/Enzyme

Does anyone know how to test AgGridReact with Jest/Enzyme? I'm trying to mock the onGridReady callback that should be invoked automatically, but it doesn't seem to be firing. Here's a simplified version of my test:import React from "react";import { mount} from "enzyme";const AgGridReact = typeof window === "undefined" ? () => null : require("ag-grid-react").AgGridReact;var spy = jest.fn();// Grid.prototype.onGridReady = spy;var columnDefs = [ { headerName: "Make", field: "make" }, { headerName: "Model", field: "model" }, { headerNa...Read more

reactjs - Adding new row to ag-grid at the top of the grid react

I'm having trouble figuring out how i should properly go about adding a empty row to my ag-grid at the top of the table.Right now this is how my component / user lifecycle is:Load pageRender Grid (from componentDidMount, asking for data from reducer)fetch data from db (list of roles)update my reducer to have list of roles (normalized) -> send to componentMy RolesComponent now denormalizes that data it receivedDisplay on gridClick on [Add Button] -> dispatches action to create role {name: '', description: ''}Sends to api, api returns new roleRed...Read more

ag-grid with ReactJS rowDataChanged not raised

i'm facing a trouble using ag-grid with react.Everything works fine, but when the data is updated the event rowDataChanged is not raised.Try 1:<AgGridReact // properties columnDefs={this.state.columnDefsStockMarca} rowData={this.state.dataStockMarca} rowSelection='single' enableSorting enableColResize // events onGridReady={this.onGridReady} rowDataChanged={(p) => { alert('Hi'); }}></AgGridReact>Try 2:class MyComponent extends Component {...dataChanged(params) { alert('Hi');}...render {retur...Read more

reactjs - How to pass down event handler as prop in Ag-Grid-React?

I'm not sure if this isn't supported or if I just haven't figured this out yet with Ag-Grid-React.My problem: I need a button component to be rendered in each cell under a Delete Row column that has onClick and label as props. Upon the button being clicked, I need to dispatch a Redux action that deletes the current row from my table's data.Column Defs:import Button from '../button';import { deleteRow } from './actions';import { reactCellRendererFactory } from 'ag-grid-react';const columnDefs = [ { headerName: 'Delete Row', width: 100, ...Read more

reactjs - AG-Grid with Redux

In my job we decided to use AG-Grid in react variant:, our architecture for React is Redux. From my little knowledge of AG-Grid I can say that it doesn't fit very well to this architecture. AG-Grid keeps it's overall state inside the component. It's cumbersome or even not clever to try to connect it to redux forcefully and completely.I can live with that but at least I need to watch for the row model changes - meaning fetches of new rows, sorts, filtering (I don't need to watch for...Read more

reactjs - Ag-grid + React + Redux not styled

I am able to build the example app of app of AG-Grid. It's running smoothly and is styled nicely.Then I would like to move it to my app but it seems that the styles are not applied. I put all the example files from to a new folder in my project thus making a component that I use in my app:import React from 'react'import AgGrid from './AgGrid/myApp.jsx';// Pagesexport default class PatPorts extends React.Component { render() { return ( <div> ...Read more

reactjs - importing files that are 4 folders deep

I'm trying to figure out how to import a file in my src/assets folder. The file is called Current.jpg.The file I want to use that image in is in src/components/footer/overview folder.To me, that means I should be able to write:import Current from '..../assets/Current.jpg';That means going up 4 folder levels to src and then to assets and then to the file called Current.jpg.I keep getting an error saying that path is incorrect. How do you traverse 4 folder layers? Is there a trick that you need to be able to go deeper than 2?...Read more