I am trying to use the react-map-gl geolocation example but .geojson data not willing to load

I am trying to use the react-map-gl geolocation example at https://github.com/uber/react-map-gl/tree/4.1-release/examples/geojson but 'data/us-income.geojson' refuses to load (404) in 'app.js'. import {json as requestJson} from 'd3-request'; componentDidMount() { requestJson('data/us-income.geojson', (error, response) => { if (!error) { this._loadData(response); }});}The 'd3-request' module seems to be deprecated, but I can't get it working with 'd3-fetch' instead, as suggested. How do I load .geojson data in react-map-gl?...Read more

react map gl - Update viewport state after fitBounds is called

I have created a map using react-map-gl. Whenever I zoom or pan on the map, the viewport updates as the onViewStateChange prop calls an _updateViewPort function which sets the new state. The issue I am having is, when I zoom into somewhere using the mapbox function fitBounds the onViewStateChange does not seem to fire, and as a result the viewport state never changes. As a result, next time I pan or zoom on the map, it takes me back to where I was before I called the fitBounds method. Has anyone experienced this before, and have a solution?...Read more

Map component only partially displaying layer: React Map GL 3.X to 5.X upgrade

I have attempted to update my react map gl from 3.x to 5.x and it is very glitchy.Related github issue with gif displaying the map glitch:https://github.com/uber/react-map-gl/issues/836The interactive area of the map takes up the same amount of the viewport, but only a portion of the background layer is shown.I can't find any change logs/release notes, and there are no errors in the console, so a little hard to figure out if it is some library API change is the source of the weirdness. It might be a new incompatibility between the react-map-gl ...Read more