Crack implementation for custom object in quickFixj

I created a custom object in FIX44.xml .I want to call onMessage handler in receiver for same custom object using crack implementation but adding crack in fromApp of reciever does not call onMessage .Here is the code@Override public void fromApp(Message arg0, SessionID arg1) throws FieldNotFound, IncorrectDataFormat, IncorrectTagValue, UnsupportedMessageType { crack(arg0, arg1); // should calls onMessage(..,..) of custom object } public void onMessage(MyCustomObject message, SessionID sessionID) throws FieldNotFound, Un...Read more

quickfixj - Quikfixj unable to read logon message in Initiator

My application is sending logon request and getting logon response and session get logged in perfectly at first time . After some time session get disconnected due to heartbeat timeout and my application send login again and acceptor send login response within same second but my initiator don't get connected after 10 second it send another login request. Ideally it should not send login request again.Event logs are 20181015-13:36:34: Sent test request TEST20181015-13:37:01: Disconnecting: Timed out waiting for heartbeat20181015-13:37:02: Initi...Read more

quickfixj - quickfix: Is there a way to fetch the incoming/outgoing/heartbeat messages in thecode

I am using quickfixj(1.6.4) library. I can see all the messages segregated very properly (incoming/outgoing/event)<20180504-07:32:14, FIX.4.2:CLIENT2/SUB-> , event> (Session FIX.4.2:CLIENT2/SUB-> schedule is daily, 00:00:00-UTC - 00:00:00-UTC) <20180504-07:32:14, FIX.4.2:CLIENT2/SUB-> , event> (Created session: FIX.4.2:CLIENT2/SUB-> ) <20180504-07:32:15, FIX.4.2:CLIENT2/SUB-> , event> (Configured socket addresses for session: [/x.x.x.x:xxxx]) <20180504-07:32:15, FIX.4.2:CLIENT2/SUB-> , event> (MINA ses...Read more

Effects of setting PersistMessages to N and FileStorePath issues in QuickFixJ:

I am running into out of memory issues after a certain amount of time when I run my quickfixj app. After a little investigation I found out that this was being caused by messages that quickfixj caches for re sending when a resend request is received.So for testing I set this flag to N on a particular session. After that my memory problems completely disappeared. But I do not understand why quickfixj is keeping these message in memory when I have properly set this property : FileStorePath. These messages should be stored into a file but they are...Read more

QuickFIXJ setting SendingTime in messages

I have a FIX application which is connected to several price providers. It distributes the data it received to our inner applications. When it is sending the received messages from the price providers to the target applications, it modifies the SendingTime(52) field in FIX header which is not acceptable. The inner applications want to get the original SendingTime value. How can I say to the QuickFIXJ engine not to assign a timestamp value?Thanks...Read more

Quickfixj not honoring custom fields in a repeating group

I am using FIXT1.1 and FIX Application version 5.0SP2. I added some custom fields to the QuotSetAckGrp, part of MassQuoteAcknowledgement message. However, when quickfix reads the repeating group, it does not read the custom fields as part of the repeating groups. Instead, it treats the custom fields are regular parent-level fields and throws a "Tag appears more than once" session level reject. Appreciate any inputs to help resolve the issue....Read more

Quickfixj 1.5.x/1.6.x custom message with repeating group - compilation issue

i am trying to add a custom message and compile quickfixj and am running into an issue where last few fields that i've added are not being picked up (they all have field number > 93000 if it matters)code generation is ok but compilation fails, i am sure i am missing something obvious, searched for similar issues reported by others but didn't find any, can someone please help#public static class NoAccounts extends Group { static final long serialVersionUID = 20050617; private static final int[] ORDER = {1, 51006, 90002, 90003, 51005, 90001...Read more

quickfixj - QuickFIX/J disabling store messages

I have a FIX application which receives FIX MarketData messages and sends them to inner applications. I disabled MarketData logging since it's generating extremely large logs but we have the same problem for stores. When I look at a heap dump, I see that there's TreeMap groving continously. Most probably the TreeMap is the one in the FileStore.What do people do in such cases?Thanks...Read more

quickfixj - quickfix/j NewOrderMultileg message get truncated

In my application, I am receiving a NewOrderMultiLeg message. The entire message is logged into the 'messages.log' file. But when I recevie the message into the onMessage(Message message, SessionID sessionID) method, I am getting only a part of the message, the message is getting truncated. i.e I only one element from the repeated group and the rest of the messages are truncated. I pasted here the message I recevied in log file and method.Please help me to sort out this issue.Message from application debugger.8=FIX.4.49=10935=AB34=749=Server52=...Read more