Configurating push notifications

I've been struggling for a while with push notifications. I want to configure them so I can avoid getting social networking notifications while at work. I don't want to uninstall them or log out, and I don't want to receive them while at work, as I am easily distracted by them and don't get anything done (but I do want to receive them after 7 pm)I'd also like to still receive my mail and other notifications normally, I just want to "remove" some of them.out, and I don't want to receive them while at work (but I do want to receive them after 7 p...Read more

What could be the cause of not receiving push notifications through 3g (gsm)?

When I'm on wifi I get push notifications normally. But if I go on 3g/4g only, I can use the net normally but I am getting no push notifications.This is the same for several applications that get push notifications, so it's not an application's fault.I was reading and there seems to be a single appplication in android that passes the push notifications? I was wondering if maybe that application had background traffic blocked by accident or what other reasons there may be.If not, what other reason may be causing this?I have mobile data enabled. ...Read more

push notifications - From Visual Studio/Eclipse/IntelliJ to my Android phone - when is the build done?

Is there maybe an easy way to have my Visual Studio/Eclipse/IntelliJ "Build Successful" console output trigger a push notification to my Android phone?Sometimes it fails in less than a minute, sometimes it requires around 15 minutes to build everything, so I'd be pretty relaxed to know I can rely on a notification instead of checking every now and again.Thanks in advance...Read more