equipment - How do you reliably measure your punching power?

Is there a device of some kind that allows you to do that?I've tried phone apps and this little game with HTC Vive headset, but it seems to be quite unreliable, since it only calculates the speed, which is important, but it's not the same as power.What I'm looking for is some kind of special punching bag, that would measure the actual force of my punch.I've found those arcade punching machines, but they are quite bulky, expensive and probably aren't very good for home use:...Read more

Improving punching power with a medicine ball

Is it reasonable to punch a medicine ball to improve punching speed? I mean one of these medicine balls that look like a stuffed soccer ball, not the ones that are quite hard, like a stuffed basketball ball.All exercises that I found was throwing the ball. But wouldn't the closest to a punch be punching it? I realize that one problem with working with weights is that they are not really like a real punch, since when working with weights you have to decelerate at the end.I don't have access to a sand sack, so, do not suggest 'just use a sand sac...Read more

Punching a speed ball against a wall

I have access to a speed ball (a freestanding one) for training. It's great for the purpose it was made, hand-eye coordination, punching accuracy, and quickness, but I need something that offers more resistance. I want to train the power of my punch. Normally one would use a heavy bag for this, but I don't have any. Is it OK to lean it against a wall for that?...Read more

punching - How can just one punch subdue an opponent with a machete?

The screenshot beneath hails from a brief fight from the 2007 film Shake Hands with the Devil.As you can see, Maj Brent Beardsley (portrayed by James Gallanders who uploaded this video) is about to punch the African with the machete.I disbelieved this attack when I first saw it. Is it realistic for an unarmed man to punch someone with a machete who was standing in their way, in the context of the screenshot? What kind of punch did Beardsley throw? If you watch the YouTube video, that one punch wholly overpowered the African that fell to the gr...Read more

punching - Should a martial artist wear baggy or form-fitting pants?

I'm doing a little bit of research for a project. Basically, for a fighting style that consists mostly of punches, what are the pros and cons of body-fitting pants (trousers, not overly tight skinny jeans etc), and those that are more on the baggy side (cargo pants, loose jeans and such)? Does this answer change if we introduce kicks and grabs? As far as I know, footing is really important even in boxing, hence, this question....Read more

kickboxing - Punching speed vs proper technique/force

So the correct way to punch in k1/kickboxing is to twist your body, on your foot as you do it, right? But when I try to increase my rapid punching speed I saw that I cannot twist my feet to punch quickly enough, so I just turn my body in the core.I watched McGregor's practice videos and saw that he barely twists for rapid punches as well. So how does it work? Is less force in the punch a cost for the number and speed of punches? Or am I just not there yet and should focus on my technique?...Read more

punching - Question about wide swinging punches

In various (usually Kung Fu) movies & clips on YouTube, you see lots of wide swinging punches to the head. It seems to me that it could theoretically work, but that if you’re a little bit off or if the guy moves his head in a little, you’d connect with the heel of your palm, your clenched thumb, and the second-from-the-fingertips sections of your fingers. So, are wide swinging punches at all advisable in real life?...Read more

punching - Does anyone else experience slow motion when fighting?

I was wondering if anyone else out there feels that time slows down when they step into the fight?Punches and kicks feel slow, especially from the opponents side.Hits feel like pushes more than hits.I've watched my own fights on video and what lasts 3 minutes, to me felt like 15.A friend of mine who plays football says he has it happen to him every so often during big games, but never in training or friendly matches....Read more

punching - Chest punches - deceptively useful, or movie fantasy?

I know that Wing Chun has the chain punching that can target the chest / solar plexus so as to rattle the other guy and not provide any opportunity to recover. But why not do the same punches to the face?Is there some benefit to punching your opponent in the chest that I’m not aware of? Is there much at all reality behind movies' depictions of someone being struck in the chest then coughing up blood or even dying?I know that just about any technique could work, but why not go with the higher-percentage strikes which hurt the other guy more?...Read more