bitbucket server - Is there any way to get all the pull request based on creation date

Currently I am using the below API to get the pull requests raised for a branch.{}/repos/{}/pull-requests?at=refs/heads/release-18&state=ALL&order=OLDEST&withAttributes=false&withProperties=true&limit=100I need to get all the pull requests created based on createdDate. Does bitbucket provide any API?Currently I am checking the created date and filtering it.def get_pullrequest_date_based(): """ Get all the pull requests raised and filter the based on date :return: List of pull ...Read more

bitbucket server - stash Pull Request Builder Plugin

Has any one used stash builder plugin.Its documentation says that it adds some environment variables in to the build environment but if i echo them,they all are emptyecho "${sourceBranch}"echo "${targetBranch}"echo "${sourceRepositoryOwner}"echo "${sourceRepositoryName}"echo "${pullRequestId}"echo "${destinationRepositoryOwner}"echo "${destinationReposotryName}"echo "${pullRequestTitle}"echo "${sourceCommitHash}"This plugin is doing nothing for me.Here is my configurationI am selecting git as SCM [poll scm is not selected]RepositoryUrl:ssh://g...Read more

bitbucket server - How to get person who merged pull request via API

We use branch permissions to restrict write access to develop and master. I'm interesting in auditing the work of some developers who have provisional write access and thus can approve pull requests, in the hopes to make their provisional access permanent. However, I'm having trouble getting the data I need. Our repository is busy, so I'd like to aggregate the data programatically.I looked at the Stash API documentation, and discovered that I can get the current status of a pull request via REST.While I can see that the state is 'MERGED', it do...Read more