generative - Procedural music generation techniques

I've been putting a lot of thought into procedural generation of content for a while and I've never seen much experimentation with procedural music. We have fantastic techniques for generating models, animations, textures, but music is still either completely static or simply layered loops (e.g. Spore).Because of that, I've been thinking up optimal music generation techniques, and I'm curious as to what other people have in mind. Even if you haven't previously considered it, what do you think will work well? One technique per answer please, ...Read more

Procedural Language in Jasper Studio

I need to include procedural code to get data from database.Example: use for/while loops, if conditions, open and close "cursor" data, to create a program that runs and obtains results.This result is used to fill the report fields.How can I do?How can I include the procedural code?...Read more

procedural - Is there a way to change the mortar geometry of the Brick Texture?

I started making procedural Cycles materials since a few days, and I find it very fun. After messing around with the nodes, I tried to create a brick texture. Here's my current progress :I wanted to know if there's a way to change the mortar geometry, to make it less "perfect", like on a real brick wall (for example this one)I already tried some things, like connecting Noise/Voronoi/Musgrave to the Vector input and the Mortar Size of the brick texture, but I didn't found anything that looked right...Can someone help me ? Thanks !Sorry for the e...Read more

procedural - Execute function on object selection

I am using only objects from photogrammetry and the scale is far from ok when I import them. I would like to be able to scale it automatically on selection if its mesh volume is lower than a precise value. I tried to do this like below : def setup_handler(): for h in [x for x in]: if h == scale_function: scale_function ) scale_function )def scale_function(): if bpy.types.Object.test != more

procedural - Rotationally stretch or compress 3D texture around Z axis

I want to distort a 3D texture around the Z axis in Cycles.I found here that you can convert cartesian texture coortinates to polar coordinates but the problem is that you end up with a projected 2D texture. I want to preserve all the 3 dimensions and stretch or squash the texture around the Z axis to get a behavior like this :...but with 3D texture coordinates.Can we achieve that with Cycles nodes ?...Read more

procedural - How to make dried desert/cracked ground

I am trying to create a cracked ground appearance for an animation that takes place in the desert. something like the image here:I would like to do this all in blender, and have blender generate the texture so I will not have to worry about unwanted ridges like those you would get in an image from the internet: I am wondering if there is a way to procedurally generate these cracks and use them with microdisplacements. Thank you!...Read more

Seamless animation of Wave procedural texture

Following advice from this question on Stack Exchange I’m now able to seamlessly animate generated textures. I’m now using these methods to animate stripes via the Wave texture.Something that I’ve noticed is that the stripes only will appear seamless if the scale is set 1.88889 or multiples thereof (see gif below). Is there significance to this number? What does it relate to?...Read more