What was the typical thickness of fanfold printer paper?

Fanfold paper was commonly used for computer printouts from the 1950s to the 1980s. What was the typical thickness of such paper?The answer must be a measure of thickness, not weight. I am well aware that paper is typically sold by weight. Nonetheless, that is not at all what the question is asking.Paper is sold in various thicknesses. I'm looking for the kind that was typically used for program listings, the cheap "green-bar" stuff, like in the picture above.Specialty paper such as carbon- or carbonless-forms or checks should be excluded.T...Read more

printer - How to install Canon PIXMA MX882 using CUPS 1.4.8 in Puppy Linux Precise 5.7.1

I need help installing my Canon PIXMA MX882 network printer using the pre-installed CUPS 1.4.8 in Puppy Linux Retro 5.7.1 (Full Install) on my Gateway Solo 9100 (Pentium II 300 MHz with 160 Mb Memory), which connects to my network and internet via my Linksys WPC54G V3 PCMCIA Wireless Adapter. From the Setup Menu, I click on the CUPS Printer Wizard, I then press the “Yes” button on the Xdialog question (“Do you want to add a new printer?”), which takes me to the ”Home” tab at “localhost:631” in the Opera web browser. I then press the “Add Printe...Read more

Canon printer LBP2900B in Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon 32bit

I have been trying to install Canon laser printer LBP2900B in Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon 32bit. Whenever I give a print order monitor will say " printing" ! After 2 seconds it will say," printing cancelled " !When i check the printer status( captstatusui -P LBP2900),the message i am getting is:Communication error: - is the printer turned on ? - is the cable correctly connected ?I reconnected the cable,still the same error message !I am not getting " Ready to print " message after running the command captstatusui -P LBP2900[And in the termin...Read more

cups - macOS: Trying to add a Zebra printer via lpadmin

To automate things I usually install printers by way of lpadmin with a short one-liner similar to sudo /usr/sbin/lpadmin -o printer-is-shared=false -o KMSection=true -p bizhub_C224e -E -v lpd:// -P /Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/KONICAMINOLTAC224e.gz -D "Bizhub C224e" -L SquamishDoing it this way works really well in my environments however one of my users just got a Zebra label printer which requires a socket connection. In addition the printer driver is built-in to CUPS, well on the Mac it is anyways. I cannot figure out...Read more

How change printer IP address?

Possible Duplicate: How restore ip in the HP printer? I have a HP Office Jet Pro 8000 A809 which have IP, but I change the gateway to so the printer should have, but I cannot find a way to change it.How can I do that ?EDIT:Reading the data sheet from HP, it says :"Web browser: In a supported Web browser on your computer, type the IP addressor hostname that has been assigned to the device.For example, if you are using an IPv4 network environment and the IP address is123.123.123.123, type the following ad...Read more

Windows Server 2012 Printer spools but does not print

I have an application on our server, the application's job is to print a file. When I run the application I see the printer start spooling in the printer window, I see files (briefly) get written to c:\windows\system32\spool\Printers before being deleted but nothing comes out of the printer. I have printed a test page from the printer so I know it's working (the document I want to print is a pdf and I've printed that through acrobat acrobat to the same printer on the server so I know it's not an issue with my document either). I have run the ap...Read more

kiosk - How to change the Partial Cut Width of a Zebra KR203 printer?

i need to change the Partial Cut Width so the printer doesn't cut all the paper when finishing to print something, i tried to do this in the printer properties but all the options are locked and i don't know why. Here is an image.Anyone know how to unlock this option or if there is another way to change the Partial Cut Width?Edit: That option doesn't appear on the Printing Defaults section....Read more

iso image - Epson pp-100II Printer sending an ISO file to the printer using JDF

I am currently trying to burn an ISO file to a CD using an Epson pp-100II Printer/Burner. I an trying to utalize the TDBridge and send a Job Discription File(JDF) and give it a Format type of ISO9660L2.JDF ExamplePUBLISHER=Publisher 0COPIES=1DISC_TYPE=CDFORMAT=ISO9660L2DATA=C:\iso\someFile.isoLABEL=C:\Temp\someFile.tddJOB_ID=20171128162645845When sending this file to the printer folder the status comes back as [ACTIVE_JOB][COMPLETE_JOB]JOB1=20171128162645845[20171128162645845]STATUS=6ERROR=JDF0902DETAIL_STATUS=14This error when looking it up c...Read more

Can a Brother HL-L2395DW printer do scan to direct email?

Is it possible for a Brother HL-2395DW printer to directly email a scan? I have the printer configured to send email to my (SMTP-AUTH protected) email server, and verified (via the web access page) that the printer can send a test email to any address via that SMTP server.But the instructions for the printer only talk using the email client on some network-local-to-printer computer as the way to send a scan via email.Is there any hidden/non-obvious option to get the printer to use the configured SMTP server to email scans?...Read more

printer - How do I print in a wide aspect ratio?

I have a printer that can normally print up to A4 (8.27 x 11.69 inches) or US letter size (8.5 x 11 inches).I'm thinking of keeping the width the same (8.5 inches) but increasing the height, based on an aspect ratio of my choice such as 21:9, 17:9 or 16:9 [1]. That way, I can get larger prints without having to buy a new printer, and I would anyway like a wider aspect ratio than A4. In other words, A4 is too squarish for my taste.The printer driver lets me define a custom paper size:But I haven't seen any documentation saying that the printer c...Read more