primary schooler - How to encourage a child to self-edit and take criticism positively?

Our eight year old daughter writes well for her age, and has produced some really spectacular pieces in class. She's not terribly interested in writing for fun at home, though. When she does, what she puts down is often pretty awful, even by the standards of an 8 year old.Over the weekend she spent some time putting a poem together and she's really pleased with it, and proud of what she's done. Today she wanted to take it into class and show her peers and teacher, but honestly, a lot of it is drivel. I put her off by saying that some of it is v...Read more

primary schooler - Child worse than tattling she lies

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I observed Bella - 6 years old. Playing with children. This was all in the time frame of 30 minutes.Sophia accidentally brushes her lightly on the arm. She said loudly, Sophia hit me. While Bella was coloring 12 month old baby gently with flat palm of hand touched her hair. She again loudly said, Evie pulled my hair. Then the kids were playing tag, when she got tagged she yelled, Tony is hitting me. My step daughter (has two kids of her own) is engaged to Bella's father and I am concerned as if she is like this...Read more

primary schooler - How to help an 8 year old to be honest?

My elder daughter (8 years old) is in 3rd grade. Couple of girls bullied her during the end of 2nd grade. This year has been uneventful since last weekend. She told us an elaborate story involving one of the girls who bullied her in 2nd grade. Since we know that girl's parents we reached out to them and to her teacher to find out what's going on. At the end, the whole story is a total lie. Both me and my wife are still in utter shock. My daughter knows we value honesty above everything in our house. She doesn't understand the gravity of the mis...Read more

primary schooler - Should I be concerned about my 6-year-old daughter resolving most of things with crying or yelling?

My 6-year-old daughter is generally a very optimistic, probably happy, smiling kid which likes to play with her sister and others. But... only until everything goes according to her expectations.Whenever any situation, decision or even a sentence or word turns against her, whenever anything is not like she would like it to be -- she immediately starts crying, yelling or becomes hysterical.Her older sister is pretty much different. She was much more "emotionally stable" in the same age and we managed to let her go to primary school (there was so...Read more

primary schooler - How to teach my son that winning is not everything and to lose graciously? My son cries when he loses and quits playing the game

My 5-year-old son cries when he loses a game. He gets impatient and throws tantrums and beats me when he loses. The same thing happens when he plays with his friends also. I have tried to teach him by playing games which I myself and my son lose/win alternately, but to no avail. The moment he loses more than once, he cries badly again.I even tried losing continuously and throwing tantrums and the following dialogue ensued: Me: I will not play with you since you always win. He: It's OK, you should win on your own and don't cry. The moment he...Read more

primary schooler - At what age should we replace old mobile phone with smart phone?

Recently my 7-year-old daughter asked me to replace her old phone with smart-phone(the one with touch screen etc.). One of the reason was that some kids in her class have such a phone.My daughter has had an old phone since she was 4 (the old phone with large buttons, battery that last 20 days etc...). The phone is used for communication. Daughter attending different sport clubs like gymnastics, swimming, skating, etc. For example she was in sky camp for a week without parents and summer camp with another school. She sometimes go to and from sch...Read more

primary schooler - How to help 7yo boy who lost his best friend (relocation far away)?

Our 7 year-old son has a 6 year-old girl friend and the 2 were really very close friends - one heart and one soul.Now she's moving for 3 years to another country (very far away) and the evening after her family's "farewell party" he suddenly cried and was very very sad about loosing his best and only friend.It seems quite difficult (and I know myself that it is not easy to find such good soul-mate friends) to find new/other close friends.It adds to the problem, that he is "less wild" than most other boys, so he often prefers being with girls. H...Read more

primary schooler - I found a video on my 8-year-old girls tablet where her same aged girl friend asks her to show her private areas. And she does. What should I do?

They are good friends since they were 4. Last weekend at a play date at my house they were playing with my girls tablet, making toys videos (just for fun, not uploading them anywhere), filming the dogs, themselves singing and dancing, etc. Just regular kid stuff I think.Yesterday I went through the videos and found one of them that I found really disturbing. The friend asked my daughter to show her privates and she complied.I asked my girl about it and told her to say NO if that happened again, and to tell me right away. She said she would do t...Read more

primary schooler - My son has been offered money by a classmate, if he would pull down his underwear

My son, B., has a close friend, G., and a class mate, M. They are all eight years old.It has come to my attention that M. has offered G. money, if G. would hit himself. G. did and used the money to buy some sweets. Another time, while they were in their underwear in the locker room after sports, M. offered both B. and G. 50 cents each, if they would pull down their underwear and show him their penises. Both B. and G. complied, and M. bought them sweets at a gas station on their way home.G.'s parents are all wrought up about this. They feel that...Read more

primary schooler - How do you explain to a five year-old what energy is?

The other day I told my son to not waste hot water, as it is a waste of energy. He then asked what that is. I want to explain it well, also from a physical point of view, since I find it important. What shall I tell him? Update:Thank you all very much. Energy appears to be too abstract to explain to a 5 year old in terms of physics. It is definitely not done in one day. I showed him the meters for gas, electricity and water today and explained that we have to pay what we consume, and we can not spend that money elsewhere. That would be the valu...Read more

primary schooler - Helping a child cope with a parent's relationships

First- if anyone has a better title suggestion after reading this feel free to edit. I had a hard time formulating a brief description.My oldest son is the result of a failed relationship that ended when he was an infant. I started dating my husband seriously when he was about 15 months old and then remarried when he was 4. I have always had full custody. He visits his dad more or less every other weekend, less so when he was a baby. All this time, I have been in a monogamous, stable relationship that produced two more children. We have a happy...Read more

primary schooler - How to talk to my 6-year-old son about his biological father?

My husband and I have been married for 10 years, and we have three kids. He is not the biological father of my oldest son, who is 6. I am confused about the best way to talk to my son about his parentage. The biological father of my son is black. My husband is white. Naturally, my oldest looks very different from his brother and sister, who have blond hair/blue eyes. Because of his different coloring, my son has had people ask him if he is adopted. As he gets older the difference between him and the other kids only becomes more pronounced. I ...Read more

primary schooler - How to deal with children when parents are caught in the act?

A near relative discussed this issue with me. They have 2 sons and 2 daughters and everyone sleeps in the same room. They cannot afford as of now to live in a large apartment with separate room for kids.So, it seems that one night after the kids slept, the parents were doing the special cuddling, to put it neatly. After the act, they came to knew that one of their son who is 6 years old was awake and pretending to be asleep.He was pretending because of strict rules of bedtime and the kid had to get up early the next day for school.The parents a...Read more