openxml sdk - Add table to powerpoint slide using Open XML

I got the code for the Table in the powerpoint using the code generator, but I am not able to add the table to an existing powerpoint document.I tried adding another table to the intended slide and doing the following:Table table = slidePart.Slide.Descendants<Table>().First();table.RemoveAllChildren();Table createdTable = CreateTable();foreach (OpenXmlElement childElement in createdTable.ChildElements){ table.AppendChild(childElement.CloneNode(true));}But that didn't work.I am out of ideas on this issue.My original target is to add a t...Read more

powerpoint - How do you create a yellow text box?

How do you create a yellow text box?I tried the below but i cannot do it such that a) it does it in the active slide,b) it is done yellow (potentially with some formatting as shadow)thanksSub sticky()Set myDocument = ActivePresentation.Slides(1)myDocument.Shapes.AddTextbox(Orientation:=msoTextOrientationHorizontal, _Left:=100, Top:=100, Width:=200, Height:=50).TextFrame _.TextRange.Text = "Test Box"End Sub...Read more

powerpoint - Get Layout Shape Corresponding to Slide Shape

In PowerPoint 2007 and using VBA, how can I get the placeholder shape on a Slide Master layout that is the "master" for a placeholder shape on the slide?I am currently using a loop to compare the position and size of the slide placeholder with the position and shape of each placeholder shape in the slide's layout, but this isn't fool-proof. For example, if the placeholder shape is moved on the slide, its position may no longer match the position of any placeholder shapes in the slide's layout. I could reapply the slide's layout to snap placeh...Read more

Need to set shape position in PowerPoint to the same value across all slides

I have dozens of PowerPoint shows that contain dozens of slides each. They are very basic in that there is only one shape on each slide and there is no animation being used on the shape or between slides. The issue is that the person who created them didn't really pay attention to the vertical position of the shapes from slide to slide so it's very noticeable when going from one slide to the next.I would like to be able to quickly set the vertical position to the same value for each shape on each slide. The horizontal position is fine. I've...Read more

powerpoint - What is the best presentation tool for technical stuff?

While recently exploring prezi I realized there have to be better tools than PowerPoint for presenting something, especially technical stuff. What differentiates technical stuff from other stuff in my opinion is the support of these features:be able to insert large code fragmentsscroll in code fragmentsannotate (highlight) text/code easilyhave several "steps", ie. on pressing a key, something is highlighted, displayed, moved, etc. (this is missing in prezi)include images with dynamic sources (eg. to include yuml diagrams)Here is a great overvie...Read more

run consecutive powerpoint presentations automatically from a remote

My firm presents seminars. Each seminar runs for three days, and each contains multiple PowerPoint presentations for each day. Our presenters have minimal technical expertise. When they’re presenting, they use a very basic remote that can forward and advance slides or switch to a black screen. That’s it. When they get to the end of the first PowerPoint presentation, they do not want to have to walk over to the laptop, close the show, and open the next one. This needs to happen seamlessly. And for many years, it has. Older versions of PowerPoint...Read more

openxml - Save PowerPoint 2007 as PowerPoint 2003 using Open Office SDK 2.0

Is there anyway to use the Open Office SDK 2.0 to save a PowerPoint presention that you created using OOXML to a PowerPoint 2003 presentation? I know if you open a 2007 file and click Save As you have the option to save it as a PowerPoint 97 to 2003 document and I didn't know if I could do this grammatically using this SDK. The reason I am asking this question is because I need to give the user the option to save data on a website in either Office 2007 or 2003 format. I much rather just use the same code to produce the document instead of ha...Read more

powerpoint - Converting Enterprise Architect (UML) file (and other files) to images

Although I am using Doxygen for some years, there are lots of other methods used to create documentation: PowerPoint files, Word files, UML files. Although every file type has its advantages (e.g. PowerPoint is easy to create and ideal for presentations), this quickly leads to lots of different files, in different locations, and no overview.I now want to merge all these files into one entry point. My idea is to use Doxygen to generate HTML files that contain the source code documentation, and to write overview documentation in Doxygen (just a...Read more

markdown or markup to powerpoint?

I need to maintain some slides in both latex beamer and in powerpoint. (This is to make slides available for instructors elsewhere, too, 90% of which do not know how to use latex and are unwilling to learn it. and I am a latex guy on linux.)I have tried the route via Libreoffice (and opendocument), but this did not come out well. right now, the best method that I have found is to author pdf in beamer, then run it through a nuance OCR program to get MS Word...and not even go all the way to Powerpoint (which is where I really need to be).If I ...Read more

powerpoint - Create ppsx from pdf

for a presentation show, i have been asked to provide a powerpoint file. However i prefer LaTeX and beamer to create my slideshows. So i had the idea to create an automator script that extracts the images from my PDF file and create a PPT file.I'm new at Automator but by googling i found pretty easily : Ask for Finder Items. Render PDF Pages as Images.( Resolution : 300)Create Powerpoint Picture SlideShowsUnfortunately there is one problem : the pictures do not entirely fill the slides. After extraction from the pdf, the pictures are 1511*1133...Read more

office js - Make user able to click buttons of powerpoint content app during presentation mode

We are developing an office powerpoint content app. During the slide show (presentation mode) the user needs to be able to click buttons. Until last week this worked perfectly fine, but now I am not able to click buttons during presentations on my Laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad E540). The presentation will just jump to the next slide, thus the app is not focused. But this still works on my colleague's laptop (Asus Vivobook S400C). We use the same versions of Powerpoint (2016) and Windows (10). Rolling back to older versions of our code did not work as...Read more

presentation - Creating 3D Tables in powerpoint

I am trying to make a 3D table in powerpoint with a gradient effect that look somewhat like the image shown below but unable to make it. None of the default designs/styles look like the one I displayed below. I could not find a matching gradient effect in the Fill and Line option. When I select the table and go to format shapes and select Effects, everything is greyed out under 3-D format.Can someone give me a push-start on how do I get this desired effect in powerpoint or let me know if this is even possible in powerpoint?Thanks...Read more