postfix - Email spf issues

Not quite sure I understand the problem, but lets say I'm sending email through postfix. I do it from domain, in the email from address is and there's a valis txt dns record at that includes domain. All is well at that point.The return path is:Return-Path: <>And the authentication results:Authentication-Results:; dkim=pass header.s=dmnkey header.b=9Rn2RL3X; spf=pass ( domain of designates as permitte...Read more

postfix - SMTP Error (-1): Connection to server failed | can't sent mails

Fresh installation (postfix-dovecote-roundcode) without reserving domain name just VPS IP i can't sent any mail from web but i can sent normally from terminal, it'r return SMTP Error (-1): Connection to server failed/var/log/mail.logJan 7 05:28:04 mail postfix/submission/smtpd[9541]: connect from localhost[]Jan 7 05:28:04 mail postfix/submission/smtpd[9541]: lost connection after UNKNOWN from localhost[]Jan 7 05:28:04 mail postfix/submission/smtpd[9541]: disconnect from localhost[]Jan 7 05:33:06 mail postfix/submi...Read more

blacklist - Postfix not rejecting manually blacklisted domain with check_sender_access configuration

I'm running a postfix server (2.9.6) on ubuntu 12.04.05 LTS and spam-mails from a certain domain simply won't get rejected despite having an explicit check_client_access list where the domain in question is listed in. I tried my reject-setup with a well known mail server ( in the same override file and it blocked incoming mails from that server as expected, but for some reason mails from simply go through. I checked if I made a mistake and somehow whitelisted it somewhere but I just can't find anything of the sor...Read more

Postfix no longer receiving email

My web server and mail server are one in the same and are on an AWS server. I set up postfix to route email to from my domain to my ISP email address. It has worked fine for many months. Recently, an SSL certificate was installed for my webserver and now I am unable to receive email. However I can still send email from the linux user account for which mail should be forwarded just fine. AWS is set up to receive SMTP connections on port 25 and SMTPS on port 465. I'm pretty sure the problem is with the SSL certificate, but not sure of the...Read more

postfix - Command died with signal 6: "/usr/libexec/dovecot/deliver

Emails are not being deliver to a particular email IDs. We are using Sentora panel and Postfix mail server.Error message: Command died with signal 6: "/usr/libexec/dovecot/deliver"Mail log: Feb 14 09:50:27 host postfix/pipe[24913]: CBD7D2010A5: to=, relay=dovecot, delay=13047, delays=13045/0/0/1.3, dsn=4.3.0, status=SOFTBOUNCE (Command died with signal 6: "/usr/libexec/dovecot/deliver")Please help....Read more

postfix - dmarc getting fail in Authentication result

I am having Postfix server configured for domain. From last few days my mails are marking as spam in gmail. I have already configured DKIM,SPF and DMARC for this domain. I have checked mail source and getting "Authentication-Results: mydomain; dmarc=fail header.from=mydomain"I have checked all the support docs but didn`t find anything....Read more

postfix - Delayed outgoing mail in active queue

I am stuck for some time trying to set up an email server. I've been mostly successful in my setup, but I am currently stuck at the following impasse: every time I send an email (regardless of queue size), my message will get stuck in the active queue for ~ 5 minutes, after which it will always be sent and reach it's final destination. postqueue -p(shows only one mail in the queue)postqueue -f... has no effectI am running postfix 3.1.0, and dovecot 2.2.22 on Ubuntu 16.04. Also, I used iRedMail scripts for the installation. I can see from /var/l...Read more

postfix - Squirrelmail Server replied: 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first

I am setting up squirrelmail to access it from anywhere from internet. I have installe postfix and dovecot on ubuntu 16.04. I am able to send mail to from with ms-outlook on my desktop. but when I try it from I get ERRORMessage not sent.Authentication requiredServer replied: 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command firstWhen I try if from I getSMTP Error (220): Authentication failed./etc/postfix/ Postfix master process configuration fil...Read more

postfix - Abuse - SASL LOGIN authentication failed: UGFzc3dvcmQ6

I have received an email from ISP that seems your IP is using this public IP as Abuse, I do not understand how to investigate this to find the source of the cause so I need bit helppostfix/smtpd[21723]: warning: unknown[X.X.X.X]: SASL LOGIN authentication failed: UGFzc3dvcmQ6 Apr 26 10:51:59 shorelinedeliverypostfix/smtpd[21723]: disconnect from unknown[X.X.X.X] Apr 2613:37:31 shorelinedelivery postfix/smtpd[25499]: connect from unknown[] Apr 26 13:37:35 shorelinedeliverypostfix/smtpd[25499]: warning: unknown[X.X.X.X]: SASL LOGIN...Read more

postfix sasl send from different from address

I have a working postfix server with sasl auth, and it works perfectly as long as I use the e-mail address in the from-field which belongs to the user I use for sasl_auth.However, if I would like to send from a different email than the one used in sasl_username, then I get the following error in the log:Client host rejected: Server configuration error (in reply to RCPT TO command))What I would like is to have Postfix allow mails from any address in the rcpt to field, but still have the auth mechanism enabled.How can I do that?Output of my postc...Read more

Configure MX and postfix

I have two domains, and; has IP1; the email for are handled by google.I need to create an email, and redirect all emails to an email account of ( example: )I 'd like to use postfix, installed on server.I set the MX record for in this way: MX mail A IP1so should point to IP1.To configure postfix on server, I did as follow:myhostname = dom1.commydestination =, dom2.comvirtual_alias_domains = hash:/etc/postfix...Read more

Postfix configuration

The application is running in Docker container. I do not have this problem when running in a clean VM. 2016-10-18 21:26:14,495[nio-8080-exec-4] [INFO ] [ 102] - Sending from noreply@ to with subject Hello World2016-10-18 21:26:14,517[nio-8080-exec-4] [ERROR] [ 107] - 501 5.1.7 Bad sender address syntaxI tried configuring /etc/postfix/ to allow mynetworks to which I added this IP. Did not work.I am running the app in an Alpine docker container...Read more

Postfix can send mail from local server and iphone but cannot receive any

So I'm trying to set up a mail server with a blocked port 25. So im now trying to use port 587. I manged to get sending email working but, I cant recive any mail. I'm using dynu Outbound SMTP Relay and now im trying to use their Email Store/Forward service to forward me all mail to port 587. I can even send mail from my iphone through my mail server so its not just localy i can send mail. When i can send mail from my iphone the port 587 have to be open? So i dont understand why i cant recive any.On their site its a warning like this: Warning! H...Read more

postfix - traceroute -T -p 25

When I am sending emails my log says connection timed out. when I ran traceroute: traceroute -T -p 25 , I am getting the following output. traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 * * * 2 * * * 3 * * * 4 * * * 5 * * * 6 * * * 7 * * * 8 * * * 9 * * *10 * * *11 * * *12 * * *13 * * *14 * * *15 * * *16 * * *17 * * *18 * * *19 * * *20 * * *21 * * *22 * * *23 * * *24 * * *25 * * *26 * * *27 * * *28 * * *29 * * *30 * * *Any ideas how to solve this....Read more

Postfix log notation

I am trying to figure out some lines on my postfix logs which I don't understand and I can not tell if I have to worry or not. Below is some of them. Oct 23 04:11:04 ct603 postfix/smtpd[13492]: mac_parse: -=+ Oct 23 04:11:04 ct603 postfix/smtpd[13492]: dict_eval: const -=+ Oct 23 04:11:04 ct603 postfix/smtpd[13492]: dict_update: verp_delimiter_filter = -=+ Oct 23 04:11:04 ct603 postfix/smtpd[13492]: dict_lookup: parent_domain_matches_subdomains = (notfound) Oct 23 04:11:04 ct603 postfix/smtpd[13492]: mac_parse: debug_peer_list,f...Read more