post build event - How to run a deployed .exe file with administrator privileges?

I'm creating a Deployment Project in which I will deploy an executable - call it abc.exe and after the software is installed on the Target machine I need to run [INSTALLDIR]abc.exe /install with administrator privilegesAs you may have guessed, I'm coming from a VS2012 environment where we used to have the option to create an InstallShield LE project to add such "custom actions" but in VS2017 we need to move on to a "Deployment Project" to create the .msi. And while I think I've correctly worked out that I need to look at the "Deployment Project...Read more

How can I do a post build event in sharpdevelop

I've been developping an Excel library (xll) using Excel-DNA under Visual Studio (Trial version) only because it's the only version with I've found with Post-Build event so it would pack my whole library in one file.But now I've found out that SharpDevelop can offer the same experiance as an open source project which would be great for what I do, only I can't figure out how to get the post-build packing to work.This is my post-build event in Visual Studio:echo F | xcopy "c:\uri\to\packages\Excel-DNA.0.30.3\tools\ExcelDna64.xll" "$(TargetDir)Nam...Read more

post build event - Eazfuscator.NET works only when SolutionConfiguration=Release

I used Eazfuscator to "protect" my VS project - this means Eazfuscator added a post-build event to my project that looks like this:if /I "$(ConfigurationName)" == "Release" Eazfuscator.NET.exe [...]I'm not sure why it's checking the ConfigurationName like that - I'm trying to obfuscate a build where ConfigurationName = ForPlayers so this check is getting in the way.Two questions:Why does Eazfuscator do this check?Can I make it not not do it? I could manually go into the project properties and remove it, but that's not a good idea because I'm do...Read more

VS2010: Can we have multiple if in post-build event?

Can we have something like this:if "Debug"=="$(ConfigurationName)"( goto :nocopy)else if "Release"=="$(ConfigurationName)"( del "$(TargetPath).config" copy "$(ProjectDir)\App.Release.config" "$(TargetPath).config")else if "ReleaseBeta"=="$(ConfigurationName)"( del "$(TargetPath).config" copy "$(ProjectDir)\App.ReleaseBeta.config" "$(TargetPath).config")else if "ReleaseProduction"=="$(ConfigurationName)"( del "$(TargetPath).config" copy "$(ProjectDir)\App.ReleaseProduction.config" "$(TargetPath).config") :nocopyI've tried it but it doe...Read more

.sbr - "Post build event error"

I am using Visual Studio 2008 to build my projects.I often take existing sample code and edit it and toy around with it, as I am just learning and I'd like to advance my skill.. it's nice to have a template to work with.That being said, I often get the build error "Post build event failed". This is often accompanied by a "could not find xxx.sbr file" or something. I do not know what an sbr file is, not a "post-build event". Re-building doesn't seem to help, and clearing all the files out before tying another build does not help either.That bein...Read more