pos tagger - Definition of POS tag and Dependency label sets are used within Parsey McParseface?

The POS tags and Depedency labels output by Parsey McParseface are given in the tag-set and label-set files here respectively.The Syntaxnet readme outlines that the model was trained on the Penn Treebank, OntoNotes and the English Web Treebanks. Is there a detailed description of the corresponding POS tags and Dependency labels used in these treebanks similar to that given by the Universal Dependency project?...Read more

part of speech - POS Histogram with Stanford POS Tagger

I need to tag the words in Tweets, using Stanford POS Tagger.As explained here 1, I used the Class MaxentTagger and then the method:maxtagger.tagString("This is a sample text");This produce the output: This_DT is_VBZ a_DT sample_NN text_NN Now I have to create, for each tweet, an histogram of the occurrence for each tag in the tweet. I have searched in the JavaDoc, but found nothing useful.If I have to create the histogram myself, how can I read the output in other ways than a string (for example, the list of the tags)?...Read more

pos tagger - Mallet CRF SimpleTagger phrases/multi words

I am a newbies to Mallet, I am trying use mallet Simple tagger/CRF and experimenting with phrases - I tried lookup the documentation on mallet site and also went through the user archives - nothing helped.I tried training mallet for simple tagging, Its works resonable well.. Here is how my data looks like(Pls note there is a newline between the training to indicate they are different set)Sample training data:where STOPWORDis STOPWORDchicago CITY<---Newline---->Sunnyvale CITY<---Newline---->Chicago CITY<---Newline---->Washingto...Read more

Forced POS Tagging using French Stanford POS Tagger

I want to impose forced POS tagging of particular words in a French sentence.How can I do that through code?In the code below, I want to force tag précédent as Verb, but I am not able to do so.Example: String input = "Le jour précédent/VB";MaxentTagger tagger = new MaxentTagger("french.tagger");List<List<HasWord>> sentences = MaxentTagger.tokenizeText(newStringReader(input));for (List<HasWord> sentence : sentences) { List<TaggedWord> tSentence = tagger.tagSentence(sentence);}...Read more