Is opposition to vaccination correlated with other political beliefs?

The article Debate over vaccine requirements forges strange alliance states that opposition to vaccination (or government-mandated vaccination) doesn't seem to be a Democrat versus Republican, or liberal versus conservatives. The only hypothesis formed in the article was that being either extreme left wing, or extreme right wing, made you more likely to oppose vaccination: "This is another of those far left-far right issues," she said.Is opposition to vaccination correlated with other political beliefs? Is there a political spectrum that can p...Read more

political spectrum - What are the reasons behind the recent resurgence of far-right politics?

It seems a given that the far right political fringe has gained a new energy and sense of legitimacy in recent years. It's a general sense rather than something for which one can find concrete proof. Nevertheless one can point to things like the close-run Austrian presidential election, Le Pen making it to the last round of the French presidential election and some of the nefarious characters Trump has seen fit to elevate to cabinet.Maybe this overtly biased, but I find this deeply worrying. We've seen where this has the potential to lead and t...Read more

political spectrum - To what extent is it valid to say Chavez government is right-wing?

This occurred three years ago. Someone told me that a movement named Zeitgeist, which is allegedly based on Ron Paul's ideology, was a right wing movement. Almost immediately after, the same person associated Zeitgeist being right-wing, with the Zeitgeist chapter in Venezuela supporting Hugo Chavez, as an additional support for his is-right-wing argument.My question is not about the movement, but about the Hugo Chavez side. My question is because, at least in Latin America, there is a trend to point every unliked (by the pointer) policy and pol...Read more