Where can I find a list of Demons for Polaris? - Rol

Just looking for names, actually. There's a bunch of nice ones in the rulebook, but I'm not clear on what the naming conventions are. They seem vaguely Aztec-myth-y in origin (Etzlitotec, Four Birds, The Engine of Fire), but I want a list of names specifically for the Mistaken rather than just a list of names from Aztec mythology. A fan created list is acceptable, as long as it is high quality. I'm looking for something analogous to the example name tables for PCs given on pages 120-129 of the rulebook....Read more

polaris - Should the Mistaken be Secretly Colluding with the Moons? - Rol

I'm currently playing a game of Polaris that has been going on for about six sessions. Our protagonists are all deep into their various plots, two of us are veterans, and we're getting towards the end. One tendency I've noticed in our group is that some of the players, when acting as Mistaken, like to take one or both of the Moons out of the room, or pass notes to each other, all to discuss what should happen to the Heart. Then the Mistaken and the Moon(s) act in tandem to steer towards this fate. My question here is twofold:Should information ...Read more

guidance - Whose actions can I narrate in Polaris? - Rol

So, when playing Polaris we want our narration to be cool, which requires that it is capable of flowing well. The guidance system seems to indicate that only the player who has guidance is allowed to make statements involving the character, but the rest of the system seems opposed to that. Some level of control over others' characters is necessary for flow, but too much control seems like it would break the guidance system that lies at the heart of the game. Which of the following statements are ok and why, focusing on issues of guidance and...Read more