plumbing - Is it OK to drink water from newly-cemented PVC pipes?

It has been my habit to use Christy's Red Hot Blue Glue to mend PVC pipe.I am happy with the performance and the repairs turn out very well.I also note, with great interest, that it is rated for potable water pipes (NSF pw-G-dwv-sw).Recently, I constructed a long water conduit with schedule 40 potable water PVC pipe (NSF-61). The pipe sat, unused, for a month or so, and we used an air compressor to test it (ONLY TO 60 PSI, CALM DOWN ...) and when we let out all the air, it smelled like an open can of PVC solvent. Very, very strong smell.OK, n...Read more

plumbing - Toilet drainage leak

We have a problem with our toilet. When we flush it, water rises in the bowl, then slowly leaks away through the drain onto the floor. I took a video of the problem to possibly send to a plumber. However, firstly I wanted to know if it is possible to fix it ourselves.The water seems to be leaking through cracks in the caulk where the drainage pipe goes into the floor. I was wondering if unclogging the toilet and re-applying the foam/paste would solve the problem, or if it would only serve as a temporary fix. We haven't tried this yet because: W...Read more

shower - Possible Leak at Plumbing Solder Joint

I am currently renovating my bathroom and recently removed the copper supply piping back to and including the hot and cold shutoff valves to repipe for a new shower valve. Everything was repiped with copper, cleaned, prepped and soldered including 2 new ball valves, a new shower valve and 2 new drop ears for shower and tub. I turned the water on and everything seemed to be good and none of my joints were leaking. I returned to double check the pipes the following day (about 10 hours later with pressure on all joints overnight) and there were no...Read more

plumbing - Ceiling leaking from upstairs bathroom ONLY when water supply is turned OFF

I have a leak developing in my ceiling that is coming from what I assume to be the upstairs bathroom. This first happened when my pipes needed to be snaked a bit over a year ago where, during that, the water supply to the house was shut off. There is a nice little bubble in the drywall from that first time, but I let it go since it hasn't leaked since and it's in a room I currently am not using. SO.... when I got home last night the cold water in the upstairs shower would not shut off. I turned off the house's water supply, got a new valve this...Read more

plumbing - Do I need to do any sort of mold mitigation after a bathtub leak damaged a ceiling?

I recently purchased my first house and after the first time we went to use the jetted tub we noticed water damage on the ceiling in the kitchen below. So we got a plumber out there immediately and he determined that the drain needed to be replaced. He had to cut a hole in the ceiling to access the pipe because part of the drain pipe also needed replacement.An approximately 2ft by 2ft section of ceiling was damaged by the initial leak. So we let it air out for a day and then my wife tried using the tub again. After she completed her bath I went...Read more

plumbing - Using PEX Fittings with Nylon Tubing

I'm planning on plumbing my shop for compressed air and I think I want to use nylon tubing, like what comes in the RapidAir kits. I don't want to use PVC for obvious reasons, and though I think PEX could technically work, its temeperature derating curve concerns me given the pressures and temperatures the material would see.My question is this: has anyone ever used PEX barbed fittings and crimp rings with nylon tube? I'm not a fan of push-to-connect fittings and compression fittings are expensive and difficult to install in tight spaces. I'm su...Read more

plumbing - How should I connect nipples to a hot water heater?

I recently installed my new hot water heater. I know nothing about plumbing and my installation procedure was informed only by sketchy home depot employees and youtube. One of the issues I'm having is that the nipple to tank connection on the cold supply ( water in ) leaks; it's a pretty slow leak so I just kind of watch it for now. I used Blue Monster thread tape. However, I was unaware of the technique of wrapping the tape to match the rotation of the pipe so that it doesn't mess up the tape when you start turning the pipe into the tank. ...Read more

plumbing - Antique Cast Iron Sink Wall Mounting Support and Weight Issues?

I have an existing stud assembly where a pedestal sink basin was bolted to the wall. I'm looking to replace it with the (future restored) sink in the photo, but I want to ensure its weight is supported. Do standard stud/bolt supports work for a sink like this since there are no legs or a pedestal, or is further wall reinforcement needed? I will definitely be using an iron bracket to attach it. Thanks in advance....Read more

plumbing - Which peninsula sink vent strategy is best for this situation?

I am doing a remodel where I am removing a wall behind my sink to create a peninsula. This wall has my drain waste vent. So as far as code I do know that I cannot go less than 45 degrees (horizontal) until I am at least 6" above the sink flood plane. I should be able to make that work as I will be keeping a partial wall 16" to the right of the current drain.I definitely can do a 45 degree vent. Though I might have the vent 45 possibly below the current sanitary tee. Reason being if I lower the whole p-trap then I lose more space in my cabinet #...Read more

repair - (re)plumbing trap for double basin sink

One of the p-traps under my sink was corroded and leaking. When I looked into replacing it, I saw that it was recommended to just have the garbage disposal and non disposal side of the sink come together into one trap. I was thinking I should instal new elbows on the disposal and non-disposal sides, and a t above the p-trap.Am I better off just buying all new fittings or can I reuse the chrome p-trap? should I replace the chrome fittings with PVC? Is there perhaps a kit I can just buy that will have all these fittings?Should I cap one half of t...Read more

Plumbing UK sink waste

We've had a new extension added to the house which has a drain under the concrete. We're left with a 110mm (I think) vertical pipe which our waste needs to go down inside the extension.This waste is only for the sink and dishwasher. Toilet and bathrooms go down a waste pipe at the other end of the house and meet on the main sewer pipe which was sorted by the builders.How do I leave the connection between the 40mm from the sink to the 110mm?Do I just drop some of the 40mm inside the 110mm pipe so that it can drain away?Does the connection need t...Read more

plumbing - Reverse Osmosis Tank Not Filling After Filter Change

I just replaced my RO filters and now my tank is empty and not filling. I detached the supply line to the tank and NO water came out aside from an initial spray so I'm not sure what the issue is. The pressure in the tank is around 7psi. I'm not sure what the canister on the right is, I'm guessing it's for extra water storage.First pic is before I did anything and the others are after I changed the filters....Read more

plumbing - Should I attempt to fix a sink leak myself?

I have a slow leak under my kitchen sink, in what I think is the top-most screw thread in the photo below. It leaks when the sink is full. EDIT: specifically, I think the leak is between the gray sink pipe and the off-white pipe right at the top. I am very practical (carpentry and such) but have zero plumbing experience. Even with sinks.Can I "just" buy some parts and connect them up? Like water legoThanks!...Read more