plant health - My Aloe Vera has one leaf that is flattening after I just repotted it, is it wilting?

I've been watering it around twice a week, and it has been getting a good deal of sun, save for some recent rainy days. Yet the largest leaf seems to be flattening out and another feels kinda soft, whilst the others feel firm. It's facing SE, and is planted in succulent soil. I checked the roots and everything seemed alright, but the leaves show no sign of improvement. I was wondering what I'm doing wrong?...Read more

vegetables - Will small tomato plant thrive under strong heat sun?

I bought this small tomato plant at a grocery store. I'm considering moving it to our rooftop. In the rooftop, it will receive shade during sunrise and sunset (there are buildings on both sides), and obviously at night. It will receive direct sun for about 8 hours, and since we're in the Caribbean it will also be very hot (over 90°F). We're also close to the ocean, so the air's salty.With frequent watering, will the plant thrive or will it die from the heat and the sun? I also tend to rinse the leaves with a hose every few days to remove any sa...Read more

plant health - What to do when cucumbers are turning yellow and dying but leaves are ok

I'm learning to garden and have successfully grown bottle gourd and zucchini. I also planted cucumbers but they are turning yellow and I cannot figure out what is wrong. I have looked at a variety of information on the Internet and some of it is conflicting.For example, in this video yellow is because of rain, while in this video yellow is because of sun. The place where I have planted this gets sunlight directly three hours a day. And then the rest of time it is in shade. The weather here is 90-100°F (32-38°C). There have been showers every ev...Read more

plant health - Does an injured succulent require amputation?

Two or three days ago, while moving some plants, I dropped a cork cup holder onto one of my succulents (Euphorbia Enopla, pictured below). The fall caused some of the spines to come off, and the plant exuded a thick white sap, which has now dried up. The part of the plant that got hit is not starting to look bruised, and while the bruise hasn't evolved much in the past 24 hours, a very similar bruise is what I saw in a succulent of the same type (albeit without damaging it myself) before it ultimately rotted and died. The bruise is at the tip o...Read more

How do you save an aloe plant whose stem is weak and appears to be rotting?

I have a large aloe plant that is probably 5 years old and has bloomed twice. Stem is very tall and leaves are approximately 2½ to 3ft (750 to 900mm) long and still very green except at the stem where they appear to be rotting. Also brown circular spots on some of the leaves. Very robust at the top however heavy and leaning over cannot support itself.Q. How do I save this plant?...Read more

plant health - Is this how cucumber seedlings react to cold?

Some days ago, I planted cucumber seeds in my garden. They didn't all sprout at the same time, and the ones that I'm showing are the ones that appeared few days later than others. The climate is Mediterranean in the north African coast, and the temperatures started to drop to forties, low fifties in the last couple of days. The few plants that sprouted earlier seem to be in a better shape and not showing any bad signs.I'm wondering if you are familiar with what you are seeing here, I'm a very novice gardener trying to learn. Thanks...Read more

plant health - Are my roses killing my Lavender bushes?

We have 3 lavender bushes in our front yard, they get plenty of sun and we prune the regularly. We also have a rose bush which is doing alright, although I did have to cut some stems from it last year after finding worms on it.I am worried the Rose bush is affecting the soil, and stunting the growth of our lavender. It is about 1-2 feet away, however the furthest one is growing fine and the nearest one is still tiny.The rose bush was there when we bought the house 3 years ago, and we planted the lavender either that year or the following year, ...Read more