Pivotal CRM 5.7 SmartPortal size

Do anyone of You guys know if it is possible to change default size of SmartPortal based on url (webpage) size? Default it is 1/3 of screen width and 250px height.Is it possible to change it to take whole screen width and other height?Mayby I must create a SmartPortal plugin for that or manipulate webpage DOM?Any advice will be helpfull :)...Read more

Compare security groups in Pivotal CRM

I want to see the differences between 2 security groups in Pivotal CRM... is there a way to do this?I tried doing it in the database on the BM, going via the Groups, Group_* tables and this worked for the Group_Table table, but got too hard with things like Group_Search_Result_List where it goes via Group_Table itself. All I want to know is the differences... any ideas?...Read more