Why aren't there mechanical pastel pencils?

I like mechanical graphite pencils (e.g. 0.5 mm), because they are sharp, they do not contain wood (are eco-friendly and do not generate any waste) and they do not require sharpening which can consume the pastel core as well. And I like pastel pencils because I like drawing small and detailed images. But why there are no best from the both worlds - mechanical pastel pencils? Or maybe there are?...Read more

Sharpener for Pastel and Charcoal Pencils

I'm having a big issue sharpening pastel and charcoal pencils. I've tried using a traditional pencil sharpener on pastel pencils but the lead keeps breaking.I've also tried using a razorblade and exactoknife on the charcoal pencil but this leads to really uneven lead.Is there a pencil sharpener made for pencils with brittle leads like these?Note: I'm using Conte a Paris pastel pencils and general's charcoal pencils if that helps....Read more

What is the proper way to sharpen a pencil?

I wasn't aware that there could be a proper or improper way to sharpen a pencil till I read this (Keep pencil leads from breaking during transportation?): I sharpen my drawing pencils the "proper" way, with a knife.Why is sharpening with a knife considered better than sharpening with a sharpener?...Read more

pencils - The differences between masculine and feminine features to improve my portraits

Earlier this summer, I drew a portrait of a girl that I liked. It was a good drawing, but I cheated. I basically traced the important parts and carefully overlayed the photo for shading. I never actually showed the drawing to anyone because I felt so guilty. I promised myself I’d never fake a drawing again.Anyway, after that I took up drawing and started really working to improve. I’ve been drawing on and off for the past couple months, but I didn’t really start drawing every day until this past month. Normally, I draw from a reference photo. M...Read more