paypal merchant tech support for direct credit cards eligibility/live credentials

this is for app in USA. we have integrated our app with iOS SDK and done with sandbox testing and testing with real paypal account. now we'd like to test our app with real credit cards. we got our paypal business account verified by confirming a bank account. our direct credit cards eligibility for live credentials is still pending. there is no phone support for PayPal MTS. how do you resolve such issue? i emailed from both my developer paypal account and merchant account. called paypal support on phone but they asked me to email. thank you...Read more

paypal rest api update payment's item

i use paypal rest api payments resource to update a payment's amount and item info; i just want change the item's price and tax; and shipping amount; but return MALFORMED_REQUEST; make me drunken...the request_data is : { "op": "replace", "path": "/transactions/0/item_list/items/0", "value": { "name": "hello", "quantity": "2", "price": "100", "currency": "USD", "tax": "12" } }, { "op": "replace", "path": "/transactions/0/amount", "value": { "currency": "USD", "total": "224", "detail...Read more

Paypal express checkout rest sales tax

I am using PayPal Express checkout (REST API, and server-side integration)I understand the current workflow as: Add button on page (using their javascript)When the paypal button is clicked, the js calls my webservice that gets an OAuth token, and initiates the checkout, returning a payment id.The Javascript then calls paypal to display the UI, and returns a payer idMy checkout page then executes the payment and shows a confirmation page.My current issue is that I don't know the customer's state for tax calculation at this point, or zipcode for ...Read more

PayPal REST API - Billing Agreement does not return a token

I'm trying to create a PayPal recurring subscription (Credit Card) using REST APIs:Create Billing Plans - Billing Agreements -'m testing and playing around with the APIs and so I created two files plan.php and agreement.php. plan.php is where I generate the plan ID and pass it statically in the agreement.php. plan.php<?phprequire 'vendor/autoload.php';$apiContext = new \PayPal\Rest\ApiContext...Read more


I am a little confused at the moment i am trying to charge a credit card in sandbox mode on PayPal's Rest SDK.When i attempt to take payment i am getting the following response: { "status": 500, "duration_time": 124, "body": { "message": "An internal service error occurred.", "information_link": "", "name": "INTERNAL_SERVICE_ERROR", "debug_id": "1d327d8a79044" }, "additional_properties": {}, "header": { "Content-L...Read more

Got Http response code 400 when accessing

I am using PayPal rest sdk/api and charging to my customers but then i am calling charge section multiple time in loop then at first time my customer's account is debited but other customer's account is not debited when i tried to debug i found this error "Got Http response code 400 when accessing"As when loop calls first time the Rest sdk/api charge function then it get success but the it showing error when loop runs further.Please let me know if you want any other information from my side....Read more

laravel 5.6 - Got Http response code 400 when implementing Paypal Sandbox refund

I am trying to implement Sandbox Paypal Payment Gateway refund functionality. I am using Laravel 5.6.12 and Package: "paypal/rest-api-sdk-php": "^1.13"I have no issue in doing payment. Below is the response received after successful payment done.{ "id": "PAY-94141048LX592642PLLYUVMA", "transactions": [ { "related_resources": [ { "sale": { "id": "0KH341752J2209342", "state": "completed", "links": [ ...Read more

Paypal Express checkout - which one should I use Classic API Vs Rest API

Is paypal express checkout supported or not. While downloading the merchannt SDK samples I found this "This Classic SDK is not actively supported and will be deprecated in the future. For full support on new integrations, please use the PayPal REST API SDK for .NET"I need the express check out option. Which one should I use?I am kind of confused. Can I use merchant SDK the classic one or go with the REST API?...Read more