payment gateway - Capture a different authorised amount in Magento2 with Braintree

I've integrated Braintree payment gateway in my Magento 2.2.2 food e-commerce site.From current specifications, i need to authorise the amount when the order is placed, then capture a different (lower) amount that comes out after items weight check. I have not found enough documentation to do that, and in Braintree site this topic seems to be not covered.Any suggestion, documentation or code snipped will be appreciated....Read more

payment gateway - Storing Credit Card Info

So I know there have been numerous posts about storing credit card information. We are building a mobile application and want people to be able to enter in their card information once, not with each purchase. We looked at CIM, and it appears to be an ideal solution (we just store a profile ID or Token that returns the credit card number)... but it might fall short of our needs, since the credit card information isn't processed (necessarily) by but by whatever merchant account we are sending the payment too. In other ...Read more

How to take credit cards online for future payments?

I have a couple of clients that want to take credit card details on their website that they can then bill in the future (one runs courses and users are only billed 4 weeks before their course if they haven't cancelled and one runs a charity and each fundraiser is required to raise at least $3k, anything less than that is taken from their credit card). I totally appreciate they can't/shouldn't take and store the cc data on their own sites but I wanted to check your views on the best solution to do this. Obviously if the users were paying immedia...Read more

payment gateway - blockchain wallet address expire time for transaction verification

I want to have a bitcoin gateway on my site.I downloaded blockchain api source it seems to work well.blockchain api source: I click on that payment button's image , it creates an wallet address for me on blockchain.And everything is fine .But my question is , how long my user can pay btc into that wallet address and what is its expire time?If my user pay btc to that wallet address but that address was not valid anymore, what will be happened on my users money....Read more

payment gateway - Stripe - How to handle subscription with a free plan and no credit card required at sign up time

We started to implement Stripe on Redsmin (one of our project) and I think we may have missed something. Here is how it works:To use our product, the user must select a plan (free, s, m, xl, xxl...) then enter its login/password and is then good to go for a free 30 days trial. When the user submits the form, our server calls Stripe create_customer with the specified plan and no credit card (because we want to offer 30 days free with no credit card required) and we update the user model on our side with the returned customer_id and subscription_...Read more

payment gateway - Stripe API refund after subscription cancelled

From the Stripe docs: When you cancel the subscription, the customer's card will not be charged again, but no money will be refunded either. If you'd like to issue a refund, you can do so through Stripe's dashboard or via the API.I created a monthly subscription, and I only want to refund the amount of money for the number of days that have not yet passed within the month of the subscription. How can I refund only the amount of money from the subscription for the days that are not complete yet with the Stripe API?...Read more

Accept credit card/echeck payments

I bill customers monthly for a service and would like them to be able to go to my website and pay by credit card or echeck. I can do an integration with direct/paypal/etc, but if there is something open source or some sample code to start with, it would be much easier. I basically need the user to enter a name or number so I can identify the payment, and the amount they want to pay. The only thing I have been able to find, however, is shopping cart software that doesn't look like it does what I need. Is there anything I can ...Read more

WooCommerce: Add fees to card based on payment gateway selected

I need to add a credit card fee % based depending on what payment method the customer selects at the shopping cart in WooCommerce.This needs to be added to the shopping cart total so that it sends the total amount including the fee to the payment gateway.For example if the shopping cart total was £100.If the customer selects 'Credit Card' payment I would like to add 2% to the transaction making the shopping cart total £102. This amount would then go to the external credit card provider for processing as the actually card processing is handled b...Read more

Credit card payment directly to ACH deposit

We are currently using stripe for our app's licensing and service fee(s) however we'd like to extend the ability to accept credit cards to our users. Every user of ours has customers who access their invoices through our app.The flow would basically entail our users providing checking account and routing information so that when they enable payment processing for their customers, those payments are deposited directly into their account after our app collects a small convenience fee.I've looked at multiple service providers and scoured their API...Read more

payment gateway - Brain tree recurring subscription plan with multiple currencies

i am using braintree payments with recurring subscriptioni wanted add the subscription with multiple foreign currencies (USD,CAD,INR,GBP,..) I am having the in app purchases also, while creating the plan in google/IOS, I am adding corresponding currency type and price for each countrycan i do the same for brain tree also creating a one month plan -> setting the default currency type and price -> and configure to multiple currencies (for single plan) .....Read more

payment gateway - SagePay Direct - MoTo or CA repeating transactions / token usage

As well as E-Commerce payments, SagePay Direct allows account holders to create payments "over the phone" (with details submitted directly from our server) or using Continuous Authority (with details submitted directly from our server). By the looks of things, the details submitted by our server would be identical apart from the payment type which is set to "C" for Continuous Authority and "M" for MOTO.I am building a payment gateway and some of our users will have "M" and "C" and some of them will only have "M". In both cases cards can be adde...Read more

payment gateway - Can Stripe make both charge and transfer money to customer object?

I'm building a system and integrated with Stripe API for creating payments(charge) and transfer money to customer later. Firstly, we will validate their credit card using stripe api and then using the Stripe Token get from credit card submitted to create Customer Object. This will let us charge the customer at any point in the future.(Stripe Charge API details) And we also want to transfer money to customer later but there is no payment before. That means my system can charge money to customer A and transfer money to both A and B without knowin...Read more

payment gateway - Braintree - Why braintree transactions created via API, or via sandbox, take so much time before settled?

Whenever, I create a transaction via Braintree API, or via their sandbox, it goes through many statuses like Authorized, Submitted for Settlement, Settled ... and all this takes 24 hours approximately. I want to ask is there a way by which I can create a transaction in sandbox/api and it is settled or disputed instantly. I don't know why it takes so much time ... e.g. in online shopping my credit card is charged immediately. How can same be achieved via braintree payments sandbox ?...Read more

payment gateway - Does it makes sense to store Braintree token as a reference?

I am currently working on integrating Braintree with our product. Our usual practice is we store the Token generated with initial payments call with us, so that it can be used while tracking issues with payments. Thats what we do with PayPal. Although with braintree, I am little confused.Braintree generates two different strings, first one is called "token" which is before making communications with Braintree. The second is called "nonce" which is used to complete transaction.As I have seen, the Token generated is more than 1500+ characters, an...Read more

Which payment API allows taking payments from a set of customers and paying out to another set of customers?

Say for instance I have a set of customers that are paying to me on a subscription basis and I have another set of customers who I want to then pay on subscription basis, taking a cut in the middle. Which payment API allows to do that? I know PayPal has masspay but it requires you to have a PayPal account. I want to be able to take payments from direct debit/credit card/debit card and pay to bank transfer/debit card. I'm making all transactions in UK.I've explored Stripe, Braintree and GoCardless. All of them make it easy to take a payment but ...Read more