application - IP Patent Biotech

I’m an undergraduate student in Boston, MA and I interned for 6 months at a start-up biotechnology company. I made some gene pathway suggestions that, a year later, they’re still working on some. The company’s patent lawyer sat down with me and said they filed patent applications, and that my name was going to be on ~4 of them. She asked me about who else contributed to the projects, and she took my legal name and my permanent address. I heard in passing that they were applications she submitted in January. What does that mean for me?What does ...Read more

patent applications - Very Difficult Low Productivity Examiner with Questionable Approach - What Options for Applicant? UPDATE

An institutional entity filed a patent application that most likely can't be granted, because it is unworkable. It's tangential to their primary subject, and probably is a placeholder until refined. A few months later an individual (me) filed a much more complex application, significantly different, but with a certain overall similarity. It's workable. In effect, the institution threw together (a) a process with (b) a vehicle for providing it, without recognizing devastating constraints. I use the same process, but with a different vehicle(s), ...Read more

filing - Are hand drawn diagrams sufficient for provisional utility patent?

To save time, I want to do a USPTO provisional utility patent that includes hand drawn system diagram, software block diagram, and software flowchart.These will have ALL the same info. as the PowerPoint diagrams that I plan for the eventual non-prov application.Invention is a printed circuit board (PCB) with special software, the software being the 'heart' of the invention....Read more

Writing a provisional patent draft for a mobile app

I am in the process of writing a draft for my provisional patent. I have spent a great deal of time reading the books and watching videos on youtube plus some patenting courses. One of the tutors said that you should provide all the small details about the projects you want to patent. Though, in my case that means I will have disclose how my project works exactly. This will result in a theft of the idea and its implementation. What is the best approach to patent my app without disclosing so much information about it. Can I describe it ambiguous...Read more

usa - Extracting a detail from specifications of one patent application to create a new patent application

In the course of developing specifications for one patent application, one of the subordinate details envisioned and described among alternate embodiments seems to have potential to be split off into a separate application. It is shown in the drawings. If it is suggested as an embodiment detail of the first application but not explicitly included in claims, can it then be written up as a separate application? The first application has not yet been filed, except as provisional....Read more

application - How are patent processes initiated in big companies (typically)?

This is a part of my effort to help my friend who is thinking about patenting an idea (regarding some concept of security and compression). This is obviously not my idea and I am only helping my friend (let us call him/her X from company Y). This professional X is trying to see if his/her employer (a large company) Y would patent his/her idea or let him patent his idea by himself/herself.Main Question: How would X contact Y's legal team/patent team directly? and where can that information be found?General questions (sub-questions; It would grea...Read more

patent applications - Can you claim internal priority with the PCT?

My initial reaction to the above question was yes. However, consider the following - if DE, JP and KR have problems with earlier applications, is the second PCT considered to supersede the first? Does a second PCT automatically mean that the first PCT is deemed withdrawn in these countries? The Euro-PCT guide seems to suggest it is automatic, irrespective of new subject-matter.“According to the national law of these states, the filing of an international application which contains the designation of that state and claims the priority of an ear...Read more

Page Numbers on Existing Patents

I'm filing nonprovisional utility patent and trying to fill out the Information Data Sheet with the related art. It requires page numbers. I've looked both on Google Patents and the USPTO's Full Text & Image Database and I'm not finding page numbers. Where should I be looking???...Read more

The provisional patent and future idea for my mobile app

Ok, so I was examining plenty of patents on Google Patents to determine how I am going to write mine. From reading and watching Youtube provisional patents tutorials, they all say the same thing. Add anything and everything you can think of. If you have a futuristic ideam add it into the detailed description of the invention. I have some ideas that I am going to implement in my iOS mobile app. They are easy to implement and I do not care if those specific ideas get robbed since they are not novel and any application can have those. I just do no...Read more

patent applications - What are the decision points associated with filing a USPTO NPA?

ContextA utility provisional has been filed last year. I intend to file a utility patent application: the USPTO indicates that once I have all my pdf files ready for submission to call the USPTO electronic business support to walk me through the EFS submission process. I am filing pro-se.GoalI would like to be prepared and have all required documentation and DECISIONS made before submission. I expect a 'menu' of services which require decision making. Is there a list of decision points that would prepare me by prompting me to think through...Read more