parted magic - Regain access to seemingly frozen Live CD session

A few weeks back I started a machine up with a copy of Parted Magic, and loaded up some webpages in Firefox on it.Just last week, upon getting back to looking at the machine, I noticed that lxpanel had grown to a larger than normal memory size, and UI response was sluggish. At that time I set ¿stupidly? xset s on & xset s 1.Today I go to use the machine and find I cannot use the keyboard or mouse to make the display turn on for 1 second (enough time for me to launch terminal and xset s off (My basic attempt to create secure screen saver lik...Read more

filesystems - Space left on Linux RAM/TMP,FS

Recently I have come to believe a number of unusual occurrences that have happened while running a Parted Magic Live CD, are the result of running out of space on the RAM based filesystem, namely:Folder contents disappearing, only to reappear laterMount-gtk not showing single mounted drive/not allowing unmount (While bash mount commands function normally)Firefox freezing, then seemingly freezing the GUI.My Firefox session recovering as if the browser crashes at each clean closeLoosing last x minutes of Firefox session historySound/clipboard red...Read more