awesome cv - parcolumns page and font style - TeX

I'm trying to modify the Awesome-CV template in order to make it a 2 column CV. Initially the template for Awesome-CV was setting up something with the structure:---------------------| Head |---------------------| cv-text || || |------------------------------------------| multiple || pages || of || cv-text |---------------------And what I wanted to do is:---------------------| Head |---------------------| col 1| col 2 || ...Read more

Extra space with parcolumns - TeX

I am preparing my CV and I am encountering an extra space at the start of each line in each of the colchunks of parcolumns. The following image says it all:Notice extra space in from of P or Project and S of Some. Note this happens with the first line only. noindent does not help either. Here's my piece of code that produces this block:\begin{parcolumns}[rulebetween, nofirstindent, colwidths={1=.15\linewidth}]{2} \colchunk[1]{ \noindent PROJECT\\* WORK } \colchunk[2]{ Some project work here.\\* Some project work here. }\end{parcolumns}...Read more