How can a character make use of the Communist Propaganda skill in Paranoia? - Rol

I am designing a Paranoia one-shot with pre-generated characters. One of the characters belongs to the Communist secret society. Members of the Communist secret society have the mandatory skill Communist Propaganda. How does/can the character use this in the game?Can it be used against the other players?Is there any way they can use it on NPCs in view of the other players without being immediately gunned down?It seems that this skill would be relegated to solo interactions with NPCs. Is there any other (amusing) way the player can use it? For c...Read more

How do I introduce Paranoia to a Junior High School Pathfinder RPG club? - Rol

My school started an RPG club around January this year, and it has been very fun. We learned Pathfinder, and rules have been learned, adventures have been taken, etc. As me and my friends are all new to tabletop rpgs we have been ignoring the complicated rules. Everyone is having a great time playing together, even though rules and missions can be confusing.However, the only game that we play is Pathfinder. The instructor is perfectly fine with playing other games. After discovering Paranoia, playing it and loving it, I have decided to attempt ...Read more

paranoia - How much do you know about higher-clearance colours? - Rol

Is there any documentation or guidance (I am a player, not a GM), I can access to describe what colour levels you know about at each level? I.e., I know a red citizen wouldn't have knowledge of what Ultraviolet is, but I would probably know what Yellow was. Is there a cut off point, such as you would recognise Green but not blue?Additionally is there a rule of thumb, such as "you recognise 3 levels above you", or "indigo citizens know enough to know their betters?"I also know that asking about the game is treason. Please fill out a Treason Iden...Read more

paranoia - During Debriefing, do you ignore the rules about earlier clones' crimes? - Rol

Given that when a clone dies its new model is a fresh citizen and cannot be held responsible for the crimes of its former model, how do you handle this challenge during Debriefing?Until now I have just gone over every incident and allowed clones to bring up every little thing in order to throw their fellow clones under the bus. However, in my most recent session, just before the debrief started a particularly awkward clone declared himself a traitor, was shot, and then his new clone (5th one) proclaimed he could not be held responsible for any ...Read more

paranoia - What colour are the corridors of Alpha Complex? - Rol

I have GMed a couple of sessions of Paranoia now, but I suddenly realised the other day a strategic error that I have been making with the setting. I always imagined Alpha Complex as a series of white corridors, but that would mean only High Programmers could walk anywhere. So I changed my mind, imagining the corridors as a lighter-than-battleship grey. Still, if sticking to the whole security clearance issue Alpha Complex should be mostly black… including cutlery, food and drink, and so on.In the historical documents of Alpha Complex (that is,...Read more

paranoia - What happens when my players get promoted and their puns stop working? - Rol

In Paranoia 2nd edition, player names are structured as firstname-clearance-sector. The first name can be anything, the clearance starts out as R for Red, and the sector can be any three capital letters. The rulebook strongly advises that this is used to make some kind of horrible pun, so my PCs dutifully created characters with names like Traito-R-USS, Cho-R-IZO, Roberts-R-DUM and Bash-R-SEE.Frustratingly, some of these PCs survived their first mission and I suppose that I should probably promote them for this, meaning that they advance to Ora...Read more

paranoia - How can I help guide my players in the "Straight" playstyle? - Rol

Paranoia XP introduced the "Straight" playstyle: PARANOIA Straight is a darkly satiric style emphasizing tension, mutual suspicion, spying and subterfuge, and careful collection of evidence. Alpha Complex is an oppressive totalitatian bureaucracy that works scarily well, using its own insane but comprehensible logic. The all-powerful Computer, though willing to listen to reason, is always four steps ahead of the players...I think this could work wonderfully as a kind of long-term campaign version of Paranoia - turn the Zany dial down to low-is...Read more

How can I create a Prisoner's Dilemma-style choice in Paranoia? - Rol

A Prisoner's Dilemma, studied in Game Theory, is when two people are separated and each given a choice between options Y and Z. If both players choose option Y, they receive the best overall result (B). If both choose option Z, they receive the second-best overall result (C). If one chooses Y and the other chooses Z, then the player who chooses Z will get the best personal result (A) while the player who chooses Y gets the worst personal result.A>B>C>D in order of how good they are for a player, and 2B>(A+C).This tests the trust and co-operatio...Read more

Cyborging in Paranoia 25th Anniversary Edition - Rol

Me and my group were starting a game of Paranoia when one of the players, whose character is a fairly high ranking Corpore Metal member, asked if she could be a cyborg. The upgrade she suggested was reasonable except for the fact that it was extremely obvious and I was not sure if cyborging was legal in Alpha Complex. After the game when I looked through the rulebook (Paranoia: Troubleshooters) and I was not able to find anything on cyborging except for a short paragraph in the Secret Skills section.Is cyborging legal in Alpha Complex? How adva...Read more