PaintCode drawing code android is using pixels instead of points/DP

Note: Yes I know there are other ways of doing buttons in Android, but this is just an example to demonstrate my issue (the actuall buttons are far far more complex). So please don't reply in offering other solutions for buttons in Android, I am looking for a solution with PaintCode...I have been using PaintCode for drawing custom buttons for years in iOS, it works brilliantly. I want to do the same for android and have the following issue:In PaintCode I draw a button which is basically a rounded rectangle with a radius of 20 points.I draw a fr...Read more

swift - How to force SKTextureAtlas created from a dictionary to not modify textures size?

In my project, textures are procedurally generated from method provided by PaintCode (paint-code).I then create a SKTextureAtlas from a dictionary filed with UIImage generated by these methods :myAtlas = SKTextureAtlas(dictionary: myTextures)At last, textures are retrieve from atlas using textureNamed:var sprite1 = SKSpriteNode(texture:myAtlas.textureNamed("texture1"))But displayed nodes are double sized on iPhone4S simulator. And triple sized on iPhone 6 Plus simulator.It seems that at init, atlas compute images at the device resolution. But g...Read more

paint code - PaintCode 2 vs 3 incompatible due to resizableImageWithCapInsets

I recently switched from using PaintCode 2 to PaintCode 3, I am using it together with xCode/Swift.I noticed however, that all my image generating functions not behave differently. They seam to standard addopt cap insets.As an example below you can find one canvas "ViewMissingImage", and how its configured in PaintCode (2 or 3 its identical).Code generated via PaintCode 2public class func imageOfViewMissingImage(frame frame: CGRect = CGRect(x: 6, y: 5, width: 109, height: 109)) -> UIImage { UIGraphicsBeginImageContextWithOptions(frame.siz...Read more

paint code - Variable to control bezier points in a line for graph in PaintCode

I have just started to use PaintCode some days ago and did all the tutorials but I am banging my head against a very simple task.I have created a temperature plot with a Bezier and I want to assign a variable to each day so that the point coordinates will be proportional to the temperature.What is the best way to achieve this? I cannot control the individual Bezier points so I can only move all the curve which is not what I want to achieve....Read more

paint code - Adding paintcode stylekit images to storyboard not showing preview

I'm following the instructions for adding stylekit images to storyboards by adding an object, setting it's class to stylekit and then right click dragging to the UIImage from the stylekit object - however I'm not seeing the images show up in UIImageView preview in the storyboard. The image is there when I run the code however.Is there a different series of steps I need to take? I'm using ios9 xcode 7....Read more