overclocking - Cpu frequency keep going down by it's own

I am experiencing problems with Samsung Galaxy Note 2.Build number(ROM): DN4 v2.1Baseband version: N7100NEUFND1Android version: 4.4.4Kernel: AGNI KERNEL (March 29,2015)I have overclocked CPU from 1.6 GHZ to 2.0 GHZ and I use SetCPU app to control CPU values like:When screen is off, change governor to Ondemand with min and max frequencies at 200 MHZ and 400 MHZ. When screen is on, change governor to Performance with min and max frequencies at 1000 MHZ and 1800 MHZ. The problem is that now whenever I set the values, the values drops down to 1200 ...Read more

Overclocking CPU Settings on an Android Device

So I have a Galaxy Note II and recently rooted the device for the main reason to overclock it. I want a faster web browsing experience. I installed the App. Set CPU so that when I have either Google Maps or Chrome running the CPU settings which were at a default range of 200 MHz to 1.60Ghz to be bumped up to 400MHz to 1.60MHz. Will this damage my phone? I can feel a tangible difference with the slight bump up. Will this overclocking degrade the phones chips??...Read more

overclocking - Cant handle CPU Max Clock!

Hello Masters of Android! I am using Galaxy S5(SM-G906S)(Qualcomm SnapDragon 801). I have a problem. The problem is that I can't handle CPU Max Clock.. Available Max Clock is 2457Mhz but system always set to 1728Mhz.. It causes some lags... How can I Solve this.. I already did factory reset using Kies......Read more

overclocking - Windows Server 2016 ignores overclock

I've had a stable overclock for over a year now under various installations of W10. I just installed Windows Server 2016 Datacenter and suddenly everytime I boot into windows, the CPU won't go higher than the default 3.5GHz. I would get over this but it won't even get the default TurboBoost of 3.9GHz.Suspecting some sort of bad reporting, I ran a couple of benchmarks and it really seems to be stuck at 3.5GHz max.The OC is set in BIOS, regular stuff.Is there some policy setting that I am missing?...Read more