outlook - Javax mail extract msg attachment

I have a mail class using javax mail and I’m trying to save an msg attachment. When I send an msg attachment using outlook 2016, it seems that outlook sends it as an elm file. I can read it fine but when I try to open the file with outlook it complains that the email is locked. Has anyone experienced this? Why does outlook send the file as eml? I can open it in a text editor but not in outlook....Read more

outlook - HTML email - white space between table rows

I am building a set of email postcards and have run into trouble with some versions of Outlook and Gmail creating unwanted spaces between certain (but not all) table rows.I am fairly new to coding HTML email and need help troubleshooting - can anyone tell me what needs to be changed in my code to resolve this issue?Here is my test page: http://www.kristi.net/holidaycards/card_test.htmlAnd here is a screen cap showing the problem in Outlook: http://i43.tinypic.com/34ezrc3.gifThese clients are affected:Outlook 2007Outlook 2010Outlook 2013Gmail ...Read more

How should I use Outlook to send code snippets?

As a programmer at a big corporation, I frequently send Outlook emails that contain code samples.I'll actually type code directly into an email. This inevitably causes problems, as Outlook really likes to format text in pleasing but unhelpful ways. My code needs to be copyable out of the email and directly into code, so I don't want Outlook to mess with it by adding special characters or whatnot.So I always need to tweak options like:Don't capitalize first letter of every sentence (else all my functions be Public instead of public)Disable sma...Read more

outlook - Setting up Cloudflare CNAME to work with Microsoft Exchange

We have a hosted website that uses Cloudflare to improve website speed performance and load times. As such, the DNS details for the site currently include:-MX records leading to the hosting provider for emails.-CNAME record for the hostname to be routed via Cloudflare for website performanceWe recently decided that we wished to move our email mailboxes from the hosting provider to Microsoft Exchange. However, Microsoft has advised that as part of the migration process, we need to create a CNAME record in CloudFlare to allow for autoconfiguratio...Read more

office365 - Outlook 365 Index Not Rebuilding

My Outlook (Office 365) index was not displaying all results so I attempted to delete and rebuild the index but now it returns no results. I followed all instructions and advice in these two places:https://office-watch.com/2015/fixing-outlook-indexing-problems/https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2769651/outlook-search-returns-no-matches-foundI checked the logs and the log claims the index was deleted, rebuilt, and the index service was re-started without issue. (The service is AUTOMATIC and RUNNING). The search options are all correct (...Read more

phpmailer - How to not get a fraud detection error at outlook

I am currently making a html email for a big client.Visitors can enter their email in a Facebook app, and then they get a mail with instructions.In all mail clients I've checked I pass the spam protection because I've got a valid FROM and headers, I even set up SPF records.But at outlook.com my mail doesn't get in the spam folder, but it does add a banner with: Be careful. This sender is not approved by our controls for fraud detection.I am using phpMailer to send my emails.Is there anyway I don't get this error?...Read more

outlook - Distributed meeting scheduler through calendar sync

We can start syncing events between Google Calendar and MicrosoftOutlook,but what about syncing multiple Google calendars and searchingfor possible common meeting dates and timings for geographicallydistributed individuals ( and then possibly importing the searchedschedules and events into Microsoft Outlook and maintain an accuratemodel of the users' schedule/availability ) ? Is this featureavailable in Google calendar ?Can someone direct me to programming tools so that I can develop it ifits not available ? Ideas for any other platform?...Read more

sync - Building a calendar webapp syncing with Google Calendar, Outlook and Apple Calendar

I am about to build a simple webapp that has several tasks, each of which has got a due date.I would like this webapp to automatically sync with Google Calendar, Outlook and Apple Calendar - 2-way integration would be a plus.The webapp is built on a LAMP server.What's the cleverest way I can go about this from a point of view of limiting the workload as much as possible?And also, is that even possible? I wasn't able to find an API for Outlook or Apple Calendar.Is CalDev the answer? Is there any product/software that will do that automatically, ...Read more

Outlook blocks my PHPmailer but they deny it

I use phpmailer to deliver important information to my clients about their interactions with the site, security codes, etc. The mailer uses a gmail account I set up and works just fine emailing other gmail accounts. Hotmail has never worked, and my work outlook account received one or two emails before also going dark. I emailed the header information to outlook but they state there's no block on the IP and plugging it into their automated system returns google postmaster (which they automatically e-mail instructions to for helping me out. I do...Read more

outlook - How can I tell whether a given MAPI message is incoming or outgoing?

In a COM-addin for Outlook (using Redemption) I need to be able to determine whether a given message that I'm looking at was received or sent (I only want to act on the incoming ones). Simply looking at the parent folder or the recipients or senders will not work in my case as both incoming and outgoing messages might be thrown together inside the same (public) folder and there can be multiple valid senders. Furthermore there might also be internal messages sent from one valid sender to another.Checking for PR_RECEIVED_BY_* or PR_RCVD_REPRESENT...Read more

How Can I Send Multiple Events To an Outlook 2003 Calendar in 3 or less clicks?

Basically I want someone to be able to click a bunch of events on my website, and have them all synced in a pain-free way to their primary Outlook calendar.I know I can send an ics with multiple events in it, but this creates a second calendar (unless you import the calendar which is more than 3 clicks).I can also have a user sync to a webcal, but that doesn't work in Outlook 2003 or earlier (and also creates a second calendar).I can also send an email with meeting requests, but that's O(n) (accept each requestThis has to work in Firefox too, s...Read more

Outlook Calendar Sync with custom calendar

We have our own custom calendar in our portal which is developed in Java. Is there a way to sync this calendar with Outlook calendar. I can sync this calendar with Google Calendar as Google Calendar API is available. Does anyone know any documentation or links where I can read about this?Thanks...Read more

How can I provide maximum integration between a calendar-like webapp and desktop calendar applications (like Outlook)

I've been assigned to upgrade/rewrite a webapp that my company uses to schedule conference calls. One of the goals of the upgrade is to improve integration between the application and our user's Outlook calendars (and ideally other calendar programs as well).At present, when a user is viewing the details of a scheduled conference call on the webapp, they can click an "Add to Outlook calendar" link, which points them to a dynamically generated .ical file. On most of our users' systems, Outlook opens the file by default, bringing up the "create c...Read more