orchardcms - Orchard 1.8 Can't Enable Custom Module

I am in the process of upgrading from Orchard 1.7 to 1.8. Everything seems fine locally, but when I deploy my site, 1 of my custom modules is disabled. When I click the "Enable" link in the modules section of the dashboard, the page refreshes, but the module is still disabled. My local instance is connected to the same database and shows the module enabled so not really sure what is happening. I don't see any details in the standard error logs.Is there any way to see any errors that could be causing a module to fail being enabled?Thanks...Read more

orchardcms - Add Attachment to a custom form in Orchard

I want to add a field in Orchard custom form so user can use it to upload a file with certain document type and size.I've tried the following modules but nothing appears when adding a new field:File Field - Version: 1.2Media Picker Field - Version: 1.2Ajax File Uploader - Version: 1.5.1CloudConstruct.SecureFileField - Version: 1.4Please help.Update:I've managed to implement IStorageProvider by myself but still the file uploaded with 0 KB size, please find cose snippet link...Read more

orchardcms - Orchard CMS Contrib.Review module

I am beginner in Orchard CMS and i need add voting functionality to content. I have installed Contib.Vote and Contrib.Review modules. After that i have added Review part to page content type. Also, i have executed recipe. At the first look everything is fine, but link for review refer to the same page with # symbol and nothing is happenning by clicking on it. It seems like module does not work or work incorrectly. Please help with my problem.UPD.Hi devqon and thanx for your help. Your answer was really useful for me. According to your advice i...Read more

orchardcms - Orchard Custom Workflow Activity

I have built a custom module in Orchard that creates a new part, type and a custom activity but I'm struggling with the last part of what I need to do which is to create a copy of all the content items associated with a specific parent item.For instance, when someone creates a "Trade Show" (new type from my module), various subpages can be created off of it (directions, vendor maps, etc.) since the client runs a single show at a time. What I need to do is, when they create a new Trade Show, I want to get the most recent prior show (which I'm do...Read more

orchardcms - Sql to Rename Orchard Custom Content Type

I'm planning to rename one of my custom content types, so that I can free up its name for a new Orchard module I am working on. I'm hoping to use Schema.ExecuteSql in a migration class as suggested by this SO answer, but I want to make sure I know all of the updates I will need to do.So far, I understand that I need to update fields in the following tables:Orchard_Framework_ContentTypeRecordSettings_ContentTypeDefinitionRecordSettings_ContentPartDefinitionRecordAlso, here is my general plan for the update SQL I will need to run:DECLARE @From VA...Read more

orchardcms - Create New Page in Orchard Module

How do I create a new page in orchard module? I have one page and controller in orchard, but how to add a new page in the route module? public IEnumerable<RouteDescriptor> GetRoutes() { return new[] { new RouteDescriptor { Priority = 5, Route = new Route( "BlogX", // this is the name of the page url new RouteValueDictionary { {"area", "BlogX"}, // this is the name of your module {"controller", "Home"},...Read more

Automatically Migrate OrchardCMS BodyPart to LayoutPart

tl;drWithin OrchardCMS, is there any way to automatically migrate the contents of a BodyPart into a LayoutPart? And if so, how?DetailI am upgrading an old Orchard instance (v1.8.x) that used the old BodyPart. The goal is to update OrchardCMS to the current release, and with it, migrate to the new Layout system added in v1.9. Enabling the Layout module will add the LayoutPart to content items such as Page, but the two parts both exist on the Content Definition, and moving content from the BodyPart to the LayoutPart seems to be a manual process. ...Read more

orchardcms - Disabled Orchard Module (feature) / Entire site is broken

I was trying to make changes to a module. I couldn't get the site to seem to reflect those changes. I thought I could possibly disable the feature, and re-enable the feature and it would force whatever module caching is happening to reload the module. However, it broke the site entirely, and now I can't even enable the feature from the orchard.exe command line tool. I am getting the same error. It's basically Autofac complaining that it can't find a type that was part of the feature. However, if the feature is removed, I am not sure where...Read more

orchardcms - Orchard CMS Duplicate Content Error

We have a web site built with Orchard CMS v1.8. We have had a couple of instances where the person that manages content has not been able to save changes to a Page. They receive the following error. An unhandled exception has occurred and the request was terminated. Please refresh the page. If the error persists, go back Sequence contains more than one matching element System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains more than one matching element at System.Linq.Enumerable.SingleOrDefault[TSource](IEnumerable1 source, Func2 predicate) a...Read more

orchardcms - Orchard CMS - Display a list of items in view from model

I am an Orchard CMS beginner and I do not understand how to get and display a list of items in a view.I've read the article Writing a ContentPart but the examples show how to use 2 properties instead of a list:Driver return ContentShape("Parts_Map", () => shapeHelper.Parts_Map( Longitude: part.Longitude, Latitude: part.Latitude));View<img alt="Location" border="1" src="http://maps.google.com/maps/api/staticmap? &zoom=14 &size=256x256 &maptype=roadmap &markers=color:blue|@Model.Latitude,@Mo...Read more

orchardcms - Saving a collection of records in Orchard

Currently I have a part that has 3 fields (Name, Value1, Value2). I have everything working where I can do a Create/Edit/Delete on the part. What I want to do now is have a grid with 3 columns (Name, Value1, Value2) and can have multiple rows (up to the user how many there will be). The save won't happen until the user done (save all rows in a single post back).I haven't figured what is needed so a collection of items will get saved on post back.Any suggestions on how to do this?Thanks!...Read more