How can we migrate the data directly from source to target table in ODI

How can we remove the stagging table in ODI, want to migrate the data directly from source to target table in ODI.Inserting the data from source to staging and then to target causing performance issue for migrating huge table having millions records.Is there way we can map the tables and move the data from source table(sql server table) to target table (oracle table) skipping the staging table....Read more

Using SQL override in ODI 12C with source data server different then target

I am trying to load data into OBIEE db Oracle database using a custom source query that needs to be executed on the CRM DB in ODI 12c. I am using a default LKM as the source and target are on on different servers. It requires a LKM else the mapping is failing on source connectivity. I can see the C$ tables creating which are not relevant as I only need a direct load from source query to target. Can you suggest me relevant LKM or ways to avoid using LKM?...Read more

oracle data integrator - Is thera a way to find forced execution context on datastore objects, somewhere in ODI metadata database?

I have a ODI 12c project with 30 mappings. I need to check if every "Component context" on every datastore object (source or target) is set to "Execution context" (not forced).Is there a way to achive this by querying ODI underlying database so I don't have to do this manually, and to avoid possible mistakes ? I have a list of ODI 12c Repository tables and comments on table columns which I got from the Oracle support website, and after hours of digging through database I still can't see this information stored in any table.My package is located...Read more

oracle data integrator - Columns NB_ROW,NB_INS,NB_UPD,NB_DEL are all 0 in SNP_SESSIONS table in ODI 12c Metadata repository

I am trying to find out the affected no of rows in execution of a scenario from the SNP_SESSIONS table in ODI 12c Metadata repository, but the Columns NB_ROW,NB_INS,NB_UPD,NB_DEL are all 0. Any help how to find the affected rows from the repository tables?I looked into the SNP_SESSION table and all the columns holding affected rows information are 0. I used the below query[![Select SESS_NO ,REGEXP_REPLACE(SESS_NAME, '\w', 'x') ,SCEN_VERSION ,LOG_LEVEL ,THREAD_ID ,THREAD_CREATION ,TO_CHAR(SESS_BEG, 'MM-DD-YYYY HH24:MI:SS') Start_time,TO_CHAR(SE...Read more

oracle data integrator - Flat file line number via ODI 12c

I have a need which consists of importing data from flat file into an Oracle table via ODI 12c. Lines are filtered according to some condition (business rules), only those satisfying the rules are integrated into the destination table. Others go to an error file which should specify the line number in the original file and the rule/condition which wasn't fulfilled.So my question is, how can I get the line number from the original file?Thanks for your help....Read more