opkg install error - wfopen no such file or directory

I have followed instructions to create an .ipk file, the Packages.gz and host them on a web server as a repo. I have set the opkg.conf in my other VM to point to this repo. The other VM is able to update and list the contents of repositories successfully.But, when I try to install, I get this message. Can you please describe why I am getting this and what needs to be changed?Collected errors: * wfopen: /etc/repo/d1/something.py: No such file or directory * wfopen: /etc/repo/d1/something-else.py: No such file or directoryWhile creating the .ipk,...Read more

Can't use opkg on pre-configured embedded machine

I want to add a feature to a pre-configured embedded machine with uname -a output:Linux asdf 3.1.10 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Nov 11 02:05:03 CET 2016 armv7l GNU/LinuxIt uses busybox for a lot of its terminal commands and has a lot of stuff that doesn't work. It uses opkg as its package manager. I wanted to update systemd the other day and so I typed opkg update, which gaveDownloading http://www.website-of-manufacturer.com/ipk2/all/Packages.gz.wget: bad address 'website-of-manufacturer.com:8008'So I wanted to update the list of repositories, which sho...Read more

How to get the version info of opkg package without installing it?

I want to write a script to check the version of a opkg package before installing it. I've done a lot of research and found a few answer on dpkg system but none on opkg system.I've tried opkg info, opkg status, opkg list but they all seem to work on installed packages, but not with .opk files.I can somehow get the information by opkg install file.opk --noaction but it's very slow and the output could be hard to parse reliably because the test installation could fail for all different reasons.And opkg compare-versions only compares strings so no...Read more

opkg - How to schedule a task in a shell script that runs as soon as the all the ancestors of current shell die?

I'm making a opkg package for a software update.This package require a reboot after installation and needs some work done after the next reboot.I added a shutdown -h now in postinst script but it seems to shutdown too early and interrupts the opkg install command.Then the opkg system won't have the package info recorded, like opkg list-installed won't list the package as installed.So the problem I'm trying to solve is: how to reliably schedule a shutdown/reboot in postinst script of OPKG package?But I guess the fundamental question is, how to s...Read more