livelink - Opentext enterprise connect edit option error

when i click the edit option in enterprise connect i am receiving the following error."Unable to process the response from server.Server returned: Unexpected XML declaration. The XML declaration must be the first node in the document , and no white space characters are allowed to appear before it. Line 2 Position 3."Can you please provide the solution for this issue?...Read more

opentext - How to increase download size in Livelink

I'm using Livelink to download files through Enterprise Connect. When I download files to desktop, after downloading some files, it shows me an error message that I have exceeded download limit set by the administrator.My question: is there any way to increase/change the download limit in Livelink? I'm using an user which has admin rights....Read more

Reading and using OpenText's exported XML

We're working on a migration project to migrate OpenText content into another content management system.We have been provided a sample exported Xml from OpenText but it's not very intuitive and we can't find any documentation or tools to help us get a document's fields and related content.Any ideas?...Read more

Searching metadata attributes in opentext using REST API - POST

How to search for documents using REST API Post method? I am looking to search by category attributes for a particular classification. I have not found any examples for REST API with POST method. I get a "You have either not specified any search criterion at all, or one of your Livelink Query Language statements is incorrect. Edit the query by clicking an option in at least one list and/or correcting the statements that appear in the fields.\n" json response if I provide any search query in where clause in json body....Read more

opentext - eDOCS DM API - setting file extension

Bit of a long shot but I haven't had any luck finding the answer documented anywhere.I'm writing a custom tool using the eDOCS DM API to bulk upload files into eDOCS. The tool almost works as intended, I create a task list of files and metadata properties and it create the required eDOCS profiles and saves the files.Saving a file into eDOCS is essentially a two step process:Step 1 - create a document profile formThis is done by creating a DM API object with Key/Value pairs to set the fields on the form.One of these fields links the document to ...Read more

opentext - Centura Team Developer (previously Gupta Team Developer)

This question might not be very constructive but my reason for asking this question here is to know the view of fellow TD developers about the career scope of this niche technology in India. I have been working with this technology from the last 4 years. Started off with Gupta Team Developers (SqlWindows 3.0 PTF4) and currently working in Centura Team Developer 6.3.1.What are the career opportunities for a CTD developer in India?Thanks!...Read more

opentext - Get user name from its id..?

I have to communicate with OpenText LiveLink via its WCF interface.I am using the GetNode function to which I pass a node ID and it returns information about the document.One of the field returned is "CreatedBy": 797207I would require to get a user name instead of an ID...How is that feasible?...Read more

Preserve original file date when uploading to OpenText LiveLink

When uploading documents to LiveLink (we're using 9.7.1) the original create data on the file is changed to the date/time the file was uploaded. This make sense, but is there an easy way to upload files and preserve the file create date?Third party solutions or specific approaches for custom development would be helpful. The emphasis is on easy. We're going to want to upload discrete sets of data multiple times, as opposed to a large set of of data one time.General approaches and solutions not specific to LiveLink 9.7.1 aren't helpful....Read more

Java API for OpenText eDocs/Hummingbird

Does anyone know if there is a java API provided for OpenText eDocs (formerly Hummingbird DM)? Our experience in using it in our webapp is limited to client-side access using ActiveX, we'd like to know if there's a way to access the API on the server side using JavaThanks!...Read more