onlyoffice - how to add table within another table cell using only office api from the document editor plugin

We are trying to add table within another table cell using only office api from the document editor plugin. We tried to find out various methods like using Range, Run Command, ParagraphAddDrawing, AddElement etc. to do it , but are unable to find a way to achieve it.Please advice us an proper way to achieve this using API as early as possible...Regards...Read more

How to edit OnlyOffice Document Using MS Words?

I've successfully integrate OnlyOffice Community Server with OnlyOffice Document Server. But how to allow editing document (docx, xlxs) using MS Words/Excel?Or from different perspective, what kind of stacks should be use to allow document editing both using MS Words and OnlyOffice.I want to avoid Alfresco is this solution. There's a long reason for this and I will tell if needed. Could you please describe the scenario when you use both OO Document Server and MS Office.I have a webapps which has dropzone. When user drag a file into the dropzo...Read more

onlyoffice - Clone a entire Document/Excel/Presentation on specific Version

Is There any Options to Clone a Word / Excel / Presentation Based on document version numberfor Ex: version - 4 version - 3 version - 2 version - 1Here I need to clone Version 4 In Onlyoffice Document Integration Serverand without any mismatch of editor contents here I uploaded the image in that 7 version are there, I need to clone a 4'th version (which means version 4,3,2,1 and I don't want 5,6,7) it's not like rollback, original document should not get change while cloning....Read more

onlyoffice - custom function to form a url to download a document based on key

i am using integrated document server 4.4.3 ubuntu based, bellow code is customized for my suitability, how can i form a url based on key asc_docs_api.prototype.asc_customCallback = function(typeFile, bIsDownloadEvent){ var actionType = c_oAscAsyncAction.DownloadAs; var options = {downloadType : DownloadType.Download }; this._downloadAs("save", typeFile, actionType, options, function(incomeObject){ if (null != incomeObject && "save" == incomeObject["type"]) { //incomeObject["data"] will return key of the d...Read more

Change save behavior in OnlyOffice desktop apps

Hellо, all!Is there a way to change behavior when saving previously opened xls or doc file?OnlyOffice can't save to xls or doc, instead it saves to xlsX or docX and as a result there is file duplicates and confusion of who is who.What i want is to modify through plugin or directly in code that when saving xls to xlsx the old xls file will be deleted and alert appears.Thank you...Read more

Onlyoffice community server installaton

I am installing onlyoffice community server on my machine windows 10.I downloaded exe file from here - get a warning message with below screen:Next screen is for mysql configuration:My installation window is not moving forward from mysql configuration screen. I am not getting any error or success message on click of install. Noting happens when i click on next screen remains same. I have added the mysql odbc driver in datasource admin:...Read more

OnlyOffice conversion api keeps returning -1

I am trying to call my OpenOffice conversion API with following data:{ "async": false, "filetype": "docx", "key": "Khirz6zgfTPdfd7", "outputtype": "pdf", "title": "Example Document Title.docx", "url": ""}I am not certain about key property value, I used Khirz6zgfTPdfd7 which is also used in their example on ; the document is also not the one stored on docserver.The response I retrieve is:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?&...Read more

OnlyOffice DocumentServer Spreadsheet Filter Consistency

Problem, step by step:Create a spreadsheetPaste a csv fileCreate a sort filterUse the sort filter (A-Z)Close the file (wait saving process)Open the file (BANG: some rows was erased)I consider a serious problem (consistency) as well as the correction a determining factor for an effective use or contracting of the solution.This problem reproduced by me: there any expecting for repair or an alternative solution?...Read more

How to add hyperlink to onlyoffice doc with plugin?

I am trying to write a plugin in onlyoffice(4.4.3) and the plugin is expected to add a hyperlink to content of current doc.I spent quit a lot of time to search the related api in onlyoffice doc(, but just can't find it. Meanwhile seems the onlyoffice editor can do that in the UI. My questions are:If it is feasible to add a hyperlink to content of current doc via the public apis?If yes, how to make that?...Read more

How can i trigger event in onlyoffice

I am using Onlyoffice 5.0.3. I have altered Onlyoffice code for adding new menu under file menu shown in below image and i have added action script also. case "approval":{ Common.UI.custom({ closable: false, title: "Confirm", msg: "Are you sure, do you want to confirm the Approve", buttons: ["approve","reject"], primary: approve, iconCls:"warn", callback: _.bind(function (e) { if(e=="approve"){ ...Read more

How to Replace a text by calling Onlyoffice ApI

I am using Onlyoffice document Server version 5.0.3 It works fine. find and replace a text in the document editor Onlyoffice configurationfile: editor.jspconfig = { "document": { "fileType": "docx", "key": "Khirz6zTPdfd7", "title": "sample.docx", "url": "" }, "documentType": "text", "editorConfig": { "callbackUrl": "" } ...Read more

Migrating onlyoffice community server in Windows

We have installed a Onlyoffice Community Server in our company on a Windows system. We need to migrate all these data to another Windows server (version 2012). If I go to settings I don't see the option of Data Management to do the backup and restore.I am getting the results for migrating community server between Windows and Linux servers, but nothing for Windows and Windows.Please help us with this issue....Read more