online tracking - How to completely track a plane, not a flight?

This probably has already an answer somewhere, but probably don't know the proper search keys to find the information.Out of curiosity today I was trying to track a flight: one of my friend texted me about her flight being a lot late, and for fun I wanted to try to see if it was possible to understand what caused the delay. I knew flightradar24 by fame and found too flightaware by chance; I tried with the flight number (EZY2604...if this is the flight number) and couldn't find many information, 'till I realized that EZY2604 is probably somethin...Read more

online tracking - What are the labels for this aircraft's JSON?

Can someone please help me identify the labels associated with the below JSON?The data comes from FlightRadar24c5cded9":[ "06A0F8", 51.3056, 6.4601, 283, 43000, 459, "3245", "F-EDDK1", "A359", "A7-ALD", 1486231556, "DOH", "LHR", "QR1", 0, 64, "QTR1", 0]I get that 51.3056 & 6.4601 are the latitude and longitude. I also get that 43000 is the altitude and 1486231556 is a timestamp, bu...Read more