How do I use OData4J with an unknown number of child objects?

I am trying to build a createEntity OEntity for an object that has multiple child collections within it.I have looked over many of the example projects, but they all seem to assume that you have a known number of child objects in a collection so that you can use .inLine(“ObjectName”, ObjectOEntity1, ObjecteOEntity2…)I have tried looking at the documentation and have not identified anything that leads me to think I can create a collection of OEntity objects that can then be added to my parent object with the inline.The closest I found was the e...Read more

how to access a primitive return value as a result of making a function call in odata4j?

The function shown below is a stub of a Service operation implemented in WCF Data Services, it accepts a string parameter and returns a string as well, how do I call this operation and read the returned string value back?, thank you.[WebGet]public string vMobile_FinishExport(string RouteCode);I tried thisconsumer.getEntities("vMobile_FinishExport?RouteCode='AA'").execute();and it works without any problems, but I could'nt get through to read the returned string. The code samples I have gone through only shows reading entities and property valu...Read more