Why isn't Nyquist taught like this?

When I learnt how to do a Nyquist plot I was taught a really long-winded method that I don't understand to this day. I realised by myself that if you are given a system like below where \$s=j\omega\$ $$\frac{s+1}{s+10}$$ you can just replace \$s\$ with \$j\omega\$ and put in several values of \$\omega\$ and plot these outputs on the real-imaginary axis.Is there a problem doing it this way because I cannot understand why it would not be taught like this if it is this easy? EDIT: added image below....Read more

Cole-cole plot curve collapses when trying to alter the valule of horisontal axis

I am a beginner and trying to simulate a cole-cole plot of a simple parallel circuit having two R, one coil and a capacitor. Image attaced, LTspice version is XVII, pc is windows7.I've read this Q-A;[Bode plot graph: Frequency vs. Angular frequency]Bode plot graph: Frequency vs. Angular frequencybut things does not seem to be the same.When I checked out the current for R1, the graph goes well. So altered this curve from R2 to 1V/I(R2) as shown in this image in the upper left.Then altered the vertical values; 85dB to -85dB, with the tick 5db, an...Read more