Normal Map + Micro Displacement = Bug?

In experimental render mode I tried to combine micro displacement and normal map. This has been a common workflow for high Quality materials in other 3D applications.While I can render normal map in supported mode:in experimental mode it turns object very dark (this is not the issue of object/tangent space, you still can see object little bit)not much changes when I add displacementturning normal map off, the objects reappears with displacement, I miss the fine detail of normal map howeverSmall remedy is that you can plug bump map into normal s...Read more

Normal map curved edges with black shading

I have been learning how to bake normal maps in Cycles for a little while. But I have run into a slight problem. I get these black edges/shading on curved edges.Edit: I added .blend file.So my question is. How can I fix/prevent this from happening?Also I am using a cage.Reagrds,Koreenium...Read more

Weird artefacts with baked normals

I get this weird normal map when I bake from high poly sculpt to lower poly retopologized mesh created with Retopoflow 2.0. No area or angle stretch is present in those areas so I have no idea what the cause might be.Has anybody experienced this before?Thanks...Read more

normal map - Get same bump from a photo to a model

I've been tinkering with this for a while but can't seem to find a good answer to my problem. I need to recreate the Activity Center from Fisher Price photo-realistically and I'm not sure how to go around the small bump details it has. I've been trying with a normal map I got from a photograph and it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. I don't know why it sometimes flips even if I didn't change anything. Also it's not giving me the quality I need.I've tried getting a displacement map using CrazyBump but I'm not sure if I'm doing it correc...Read more

normal map - How to make brick texture appear bumpy

Which node should I add to this material to make the structure appear bumpy (mortar inset relative to the bricks)?I tried various combinations like [Brick Texture] Fac > [Bump] Normal > Normal [BSDF] and [Brick Texture] Fac > [Bump] Normal > Displacement [Material Output] and [Brick Texture] Fac > Strength [Normal map] Normal > Normal [BSDF] and so on, but I didn't find one that had any effect....Read more

How to adjust normal map

I am attempting to create a Normal Map in order to apply High Res detail to a Low Res object. No matter how I set the Ray Distance for the bake there are areas giving me problems. Especially tight areas like between the toes and mouth as well as the eye openings, nostrils and the tail base. Any suggestion on how to clean up these areas?BLEND FILE HERE...Read more