Love towards non-Muslim family?

After months of studying Islam i decided to become the Muslim.My family didn't have any problem with that.I was reading Quran yesterday and i found this ayat You will not find a people who believe in Allah and the Last Day having affection for those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, even if they were their fathers or their sons or their brothers or their kindred. Those - He has decreed within their hearts faith and supported them with spirit from Him. And We will admit them to gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally. ...Read more

non muslim - How does Islam justify non-guided people going to hell and what is the point of free will if the future is already written?

We are all Muslims because we are either raised up as Muslims or at some point in life reverted to Islam. But what about others, the ones who are not being guided is it just their fault that they have not become Muslims. They would have done what the Islam teaches them to do if they had been guided and it is said that those who have not accepted Islam will go to jahannam. So how is this justified?Also, we know that the future is already written and if it's already written what's the point of free will?...Read more

Would a non-Muslim sin if he proclaimed himself a Muslim for the sake of solidarity?

For those interested, I'll also be asking this question on Christianity.SE and Mi Yodeya (with respect to those religions).In recent rallies, protesting what is perceived as bigoted policies by president Donald Trump, several individuals who are not in fact Muslim and do not subscribe to the Islamic faith have claimed they are Muslim in a show of solidarity with the Muslim world.(Michael Moore)Would a non-Muslim sin if he proclaimed himself a Muslim for the sake of solidarity?While I generally understand that not subscribing to the faith in gen...Read more

imaan - Do all non Muslims go to jahanum?

My question is a bit long.......if anyone dies with disbelief to Islam which have not received TRUE message of Islam or one had MISCONCEPTION about Islam and that denied him from path for example act of terrorism by those who call themselves muslims or children which they don't know and don't have the dependence in belief or those Muslims who killed non Muslims without a valid reason, or those people who didn't have the time think of it being busy to arrange at least arrange one time meal to not die as starvation... sometimes I think of Allah...Read more

non muslim - Can a kaffir who was oppressed by others his whole life go to Jannah?

We are taught in Islam that on the Day of Judgement, people will flee from their parents, children, spouse etc. because those loved ones or others will complain to Allah swt that they did them wrong or withheld their rights and so therefore will try to take that person's good deeds from them to save themselves and if this individual has no more good deeds left to give, those they oppressed or did wrong to, will give that person their bad deeds, ultimately sending this "righteous" person to Hell who spent their whole life doing good deeds becaus...Read more

tawba - How does an apostate "rebecome" a Muslim again?

If someone leaves Islam, either for a short of a long period of time, and later wants to come back and repent, what are the necessary steps?Should he just repent to Allah (as other sins)? Or should he officially say Shahada and take a bath just after it and do any other necessary steps as someone who converted to Islam from another religion?And if an apostate does not do any official thing of becoming a Muslim, just repents, has his belief back, and takes a bath daily (not formally saying Shahada and taking a bath right after it), would he be a...Read more

non muslim - If a person does good deeds throughout his life but never believed in God, will he go to hell?

If a person is good person throughout his life,But does not believe in God, in other words a Non-Muslim. Will he/she go to hell?I think of this question when about reading Alexander Fleming, that he was a Good person, he did very well for the mankind, but he was Roman Catholic (according to nndb).Or some philanthropist, who do charity.Will people like him, go to hell..? Because they do not believe.As far as I know, a person who does not believe will go to hell in afterlife....Read more