Angular-JS. How to make controllers work inside ng-repeat with ng-show

I am very new at Angular and I am trying to make something where if you click a tab, ng-repeat will show everything with a certain property and if you click a different tab, ng-repeat witll show everything with a different property. However I cant get the tab controller to work along with ng-show. Here is my code: <ul class = "nav nav-pills" ng-controller = "TabController as tabCtrl"> <li ng-class="{'active':tabCtrl.isTab(1)}"> <a ng-click="tabCtrl.setTab(1)" href = "#"> All </a> </li> <l...Read more

ng show - angular conditional ng-hide with ng-repeat

I wish to only show a delete button for tasks in which the creator of the task email is equal to the current user. For some reason I can't get the conditional function working with ng-show.I have tried multiple methods to no success. <li ng-repeat="(key, challenge) in challenges| orderBy: '-date'"> <!--<button ng-show="{{}}=={{}}" class="btn btn-delete tooltip" ng-click="deleteChallenge(key)">--> <button ng-show="deletePermission(" class="btn btn-dele...Read more

ng-style function gets called on all items inside ng-repeat when array item is changed

Whenever I change a value in an array which is used for an ng-repeat, the Ng-style directive's function is getting fired for all the items in my array. See example and notice the console logs for the "getStyle(text)" function.,js,console,outputIs there any way we can prevent angular from dirty checking all the other values inside the array since they didn't change? The change was isolated to only one item in the array list. No other ng-repeated items need to be checked....Read more

directive - ng-repeat is not working in blade file

When i am trying to display data in a simple page using angular JS it's working fine. Below is the code used for displaying data in a table.<div ng-app="myApp" ng-controller="customersCtrl"> <table width="100%"> <tr> <th>Sl No</th> <th>User Name</th> <th>User Email</th> <th>User DOB</th> <th>Gender</th> <th>Status</th> </tr> <tr ng-repeat="data in datas"> <td>{{ $index+1 }}<...Read more

Printing multiple ng-repeat elements in a single row

I have a list of item and ng-repeat display them in the page. Below is the simplified structure - [ { "id": "elem-1", "position": { "row": 1, "column": 1 } }, { "id": "elem-2", "position": { "row": 2, "column": 1 } }, { "id": "elem-3", "position": { "row": 2, "column": 2 } } ]Now elem-1 should come in first row, while the second row should have elem-2 and elem-3, side-by-side. I have checked ng-repeat-start and also gone through the existing similar topics in Stack...Read more

display individual item in ng-repeat rendered list

I am trying to display an individual item from the list generating in ng-repeat by clicking on selected item and rendering in a different div. These are the files.<!DOCTYPE html><html ng-app="myApp"> <head> <!-- Standard Meta --> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1" /> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0"> <!-- Site Properities -->...Read more