Netzke Grid filtering

I have an issue related to filtering data in Netzke Grid. column :user_id do |c| c.editor = {xtype: :combobox, editable: false, min_chars: 2} endIt is mentioned in the doc that,A hash that will override the automatic editor configuration. For example, for one-to-many association column you may set it to {min_chars: 1}, which will be passed to the combobox and make it query its remote data after entering 1 character (instead of default 4).Seems {min_chars: 1} is not working as expected....Read more

Netzke / ExtJS 4 - How to implement Dynamic number of Panels inside an Accordion Panel

I am trying to read strings off a table in the database and use them as titles in panels inside an accordion panel.In short the number of panels inside the accordion can change dynamically.Here is a gist of what i tried - I get the names from the table with an endpoint in my Ruby class. The returned data contains a string for the client JS function (named addPanel) which is called to add the Panel inside the accordion. The code executes as i expected but the panels inside the accordion do not show up.My suspicio...Read more