network manager - UBUNTU 18.04 Desktop Resolved DNS problems and updating /etc/resolv.conf

I have several questions about the internal workings of network-manager, systemd-resolve, and the /etc/resolv.conf and any other files such as nsswitch.conf. Is there a file or several files, where DNS server information could be entered and have the resolved read it and automatically add it to the /etc/resolv.conf at each boot up instead of deleting my information or only using the DHCP DNS information?Are there any documents, with deep technical details, about how all of these subsystems work now, The network-manager, resolved, naming service...Read more

network manager - How to cache dnscrypt-proxy with dnsmasq+resolvconf?

Due to my ISP intercepting some DNS requests and return 'redirected' A records, I want to use dnscrypt-proxy on my computer (my workstation, actually, running Ubuntu 16.04)What I have done is install dnscrypt-proxy and point it to one of the public dnscrypt servers available. Then I change the DNS Server settings in Network Manager to point to (the default listening address of dnscrypt-proxy)It works, but it seems that every single resolve of FQDN goes to the dnscrypt server, and no caching is being performed.So, I want to cache DNS r...Read more

network manager - VPN connection DNS server order reversed

In fixing my admittedly somewhat custom setup on my Ubuntu 12.04 workstation, when I connect the VPN connection, the DNS server of it is added to the bottom of /etc/resolv.conf instead of the top, resulting in all DNS queries intended towards the VPN destination to fail (because the first DNS server on this list responds negatively to the queries and my computer never asks the bottom DNS server to provide it's answer).If I edit /etc/resolv.conf by hand and simply move the nameserver record that Network Manager adds there to the top, it works fi...Read more

Why is a nameserver address not removed from resolv.conf when disconnecting from my work network?

Using networkmanager and dnsmasq.When I'm at work I have a wifi connection that is statically configured with IP, dns server, and domain search.When I connect, resolv.conf has both the server and the domain search, along with the dnsmasq entry of I go home and get on my dhcp wifi connection, the domain search is removed from resolv.conf, but the work dns server isn't removed. As a result all my browsing drags. I can manually remove the entry, but when resolv.conf gets rebuilt it's back in there again (I expect that).I think the r...Read more

network manager - Zesty DNS resolution no longer accepts search domain setting from DHCP

This is on Ubuntu Gnome 17.04 (fully updated), btw...As we all know, Zesty's name resolution changed from dnsmasq (via NetworkManager) to systemd-resolved. One side effect (that apparently 17.10 already fixes) is that DNS resolution for local names (i.e. non-fqdn) only uses local MDNS, instead of using DHCP's DNS servers.After much reading, I've come to realize that the problem here is due to systemd-resolved's default behavior. However, all the remedies I've found mention creating a .network file with specific contents (see below), putting it...Read more

network manager - Unable to activate the ethernet connection after upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04

I just upgraded from Ubuntu 17.10 to 18.04, and my wired network does not work (whereas my wifi connection works just fine).My interface seems correctly detected by the system:sudo lshw -C networkGives me this*-network description: Ethernet interface produit: RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller fabriquant: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. identifiant matériel: 0 information bus: pci@0000:02:00.0 nom logique: enp2s0 version: 15 numéro de série: b0:6e:bf:02:e2:8...Read more

network manager - Do I need DNS Server?

I use internet (personal connection from ISP). My operating System is Ubuntu 18.4. I am aware of /etc/hosts file, but it has limitation with wild card entries (to block websites).I wanted to know if Ubuntu does caching of DNS or do I need to install some other tool? There is a Network Manager installed. And Systemd is the daemon manager. Do these tools have ways of managing DNS? Do, I need to use Dnsmasq?I have read that many people prefer Dnsmasq, but I am not sure why is it preferable? I am not sure if this can already be done by Networkman...Read more

network manager - Ubuntu 18.04 unable to reach DNS after upgrade

I recently upgrade my Ubuntu Virtual Machine (VirtualBox 5.2.8) from ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 using do-release-upgrade -d. There were lots of issues during the upgrade. I kept having to restart/resume the upgrade using apt-get install -f and apt-get dist-upgrade. However, it eventually finished.Now for some reason, I have to manually run sudo dhclient enp0s3 each time I reboot in order for it to pick up the network properly.How can I set it to start properly?I notice the following in /var/log/syslog11291 May 2 13:24:07 my-vm dhclient[1416]: /var/...Read more

network manager - Ubuntu OpenVPN is connected but won't change IP

I know very little, just want a VPN so I can browse in privacy. So...I downloaded the .ovpn file from CyberGhost, downloaded OpenVPN, put in the details and all that. At first it didn't connect to the internet at all but I changed the iptables and stuff like that (as forums suggested - I don't understand this stuff) and then it started working. Now my issue is that my VPN doesn't change my IP at all. Here's some data. I don't know much what this means. I just want my VPN to work :'(ifconfigeth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr a0:d3:c1:65:df:a2...Read more

network-manager do not start automatically

How to auto start network-manager?I installed ubuntu mini iso and ubuntu-gnome-desktop (without the install recommendations). So, I have the system working fine, except that the network manager do not automatically start. I even tried adding it to the gnome-session-properties (startup applications), but no luck.I am using the following command to manually start it through terminal: sudo service network-manager startI also get the message while booting saying that 'waiting for netwrok configuration' and then 'booting without full network configu...Read more

network manager - Manage configured ipsec VPN with NetworkManager

I configured a strongswan VPN natively by editing /etc/ipsec.conf and /etc/secrets.conf under Ubuntu 18.04. I can now successfully establish the connections with:sudo ipsec up profileHowever, that is a bit inconvenient to use, especially, because there is no visual feedback showing when the connection is active.The reason I could not directly configure the connection with NetworkManager is that the GUI for a strongswan connections does not expose any fields for EAP-TLS and I do not know if NetworkManager allows that.How can I manage the working...Read more

network manager - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS fails to boot because of NetworkManager.service failure

I was trying to install bettercap and aircrack-ng using Katoolin on Ubuntu.I followed the following steps to install bettercap on Ubuntu: followed the following steps to install Katoolin on Ubuntu: that I restarted my Ubuntu and now it is failing to boot, with the following error:After that I went to Console 4 (Ctrl + Alt + F4) and tried to start Network Manager (which was the failing se...Read more

network manager - how do I enable firewall zones for NetworkManager

I am trying to use the default network manager for ubuntu 13.10 to connect to networks. Despite any config changes for example, enabling UFW, does not allow for the changing of this profile scheme. It is remains always faded as shown in the picture.In my experience with Fedora, this similar network management style works right out of the box. Is this firewall zone config meant for a different firewall and if so, which? I've tried googling for 'ubuntu networkmanager firewall zone' but haven't gotten any relevant results.Please advise, thanks....Read more

network manager - Ubuntu 16.04: curl, wget, ssh could not resolve host from dnsmasq with IPv6

Spent a lot of time googling for the problem but did not found answer for it.Given: fresh Ubuntu 16.04 installation, which implies IPv6 is enabled and network-manager service is using dnsmasq for local DNS caching.The problem is that for particular domains command line utilities are not resolving host name.$ curl -v* Could not resolve host:* Closing connection 0curl: (6) Could not resolve host:$ wget 15:23:34-- more