Where is the Nethack source code

Is there a place where I can view the DOS nethack source code? Whenever I try to download the source code file it doesn't let me open the file. Is there a website/online pdf that has the code on it? Also if there are any tutorials on a beginning c++ roguelike could you tell me the link? Thank you....Read more

nethack - How can I tell if a corpse is safe to eat?

I am a human wizard, and I just killed a monster, leaving a corpse on the ground. How do I tell whether it is safe to eat this corpse?I leave the monster unspecified because I am interested in "how can I figure out whether this is edible," rather than whether any particular monster is edible. Likewise, I would prefer to avoid having to look up or memorize a list of every single monster (but rules for particular symbols are great)....Read more

nethack - How can I tell if food is rotten?

I've gotten some tips from other questions, e.g. corpses rot very quickly. However, I have also often found that rations and other comestibles in my inventory turn out to be rotten, and occasionally have made me quite sick.Is there any way to determine if a given food item is rotten?...Read more

nethack - How do I eat a ring?

I have seen some vague references to eating rings as a means of permanently gaining their power. I initially assumed this involved using Stone-to-Flesh to turn a stone ring into a meat ring. However, the wiki article makes it sound like meat rings are worthless (except as pet treats). So, how do you eat a ring and gain its power? Can this be done with any ring? Does this also confer any disadvantages (such as the ring's nutrition loss effect)?...Read more

nethack - Why did my dog just eat my cat?

I was carrying around a tripe ration in an effort to keep my dog close, when I found a nice housecat that was in need of a good home.So I fed it my tripe ration, and a very happy heart appeared over its head. I named him Katt, and he purred and snuggled against me because he was so happy to have a real home.Then a few turns later, my dog attacked and ate him. I don't know if it was sibling rivalry or not, but he just got angry at the cat and went to town.Do pets not like each other, or was it something else? Up until that point my dog had a ...Read more

nethack - When is tripe safe to eat?

I've recently got my hands on a few tripe rations. I've been told by a few friends that it's a good food source in the early game. Of course, I eat some and promptly begin vomiting. I know that you can polymorph the ration or yourself to make it safe to eat, but I don't really want to waste charges on such a menial thing. So, my question is, when is tripe safe to eat, and/or how can you make it safe without polymorphing?...Read more

nethack - Can Vegans eat Jewelry?

I am a Vegan. Would it break the conduct if I eat jewelry? The Vegan conduct states that I can eat: food rations, cram rations, K-rations, C-rations and lembas wafers melons, oranges, carrots, pears, apples, bananas, kelp, eucalyptus, garlic, wolfsbane, and user-defined fruit the corpse of any monster (or a tin of its 'meat') represented by b, j, or F. tins of spinach There is no mention of metal/wood. Additionally, the pages on eating jewelry, amulets, and rings don't say anything about the Vegan conduct....Read more

Nethack: Revive My Old Corpse?

So I've got this ghost attacking me... a little understandable, I am standing on his corpse, which is piled on his headstone. Perhaps he doesn't like that!But, I'd like to do him a favor, and put him back in his former body - well, I guess it's a favor. I am a priest, but whenever I cast 'turn undead' the ghost either resists, or flees. Does my level count for anything?...Read more

nethack - Should I let my pets eat corpses?

After I acquire the particular intrinsic conveyed by a corpse, I most often let my pets eat the rest (unless I need food). I've looked on the wiki, but haven't found anything about whether this allows the pet to also acquire that intrinsic. It would be nice to know if my large cat/dog/warhorse is or isn't fireproof before entering Gehennom. This question extends to Giants for strength, and any other corpse-borne benefits as well.Do pets (particularly, horses,dogs, and cats) gain intrinsics and/or or other benefits from eating corpses?...Read more

How to enter Nethack Quest if Quest Leader is killed?

I entered the Quest level wearing a ring of conflict. Subsequently the Quest Leader was accidentally killed by one of her (Valkyrie) disciples. Now I am unable to descent the stairs to obtain my Quest artifact (Orb of Fate) and the Bell of Opening. I've already gone through all of the dungeon levels (and found the vibrating square at the bottom level) short of killing the Wizard of Yendor to get the Book of the Dead. I am at experience level 27 and can freely teleport and teleport control. I tried wishing for the Bell of Opening in order to obt...Read more