nazism - Was Horst Tappert a member of the SS?

It was recently reported that German TV actor Horst Tappert (1923 - 2008) had been identified as having been a member of the Waffen SS in World War II. However, it was also reported that a German historian had said that the circumstances of his SS membership remain unclear.What are the facts? Was he or was he not in the SS?...Read more

nazism - Was Hitler's regime a right-wing regime?

The left and right wing ideologies seem to change over time.From what I've read so far, the nazi regime was considered a right-wing party at that time by the people who voted it.But currently, right-wing activists reject it based on economical grounds. They claim there was no free market, competition etc. But is this really an argument? Because free market can exist in both leftist and rightist systems. However I think it tends to degenerate in their extremes. Specifically, a far-left regime will end up granting to much control to the goverment...Read more

nazism - To what degree is Simone Weil correct in arguing that the third Reich under Hitler was merely a revival of imperial Rome?

Simone Weil wrote in her book, The Need for Roots: The Romans were really an atheistic and I idolatrous people, not idolatrous with regards to images made of stone and bronze, but idolatrous with regards to themselves. It is this idolatry of self which they have bequeathed to us in the form of patriotism ...John Hellman, in his commentary on her work suggests that she sees Hitler and his regime as a revival of imperial Rome and in fact, the term Third Reich (Drittes Reich) was first used by Arthur Moeller van de Bruck in a book he first publis...Read more

Is present-day nazism correlated with their countries' allegiance in WWII?

Although I've rarely heard it said explicitly, I've got a suspicion that some people assume that people in places that were Axis Powers (including Germany and Japan) during WWII are more likely to be nazis than people from Allied Powers or neutral countries.Is there a correlation between whether a country was an Axis Power, and nazism in that country? And if so, is it a positive correlation (people in those countries are more likely to be nazis), or a negative correlation?In addition, do other factors, such as the country's geopolitical allianc...Read more