nanotechnology - Can a brain handle a nanobot army?

I think I've done my research about multi tasking on humans, but this is a whole new levelI have a conqueror, where he creates nanobot creatures instantaneously (handwaving the transformation process).He can create 5 types of Creatures. 1. Lesser Demons (3 feet Nepylims) 2. Hunters (5 feet beast with features of a humanoid lion) 3. Greater Demon (8 Feet Ogre with clubs as hands) 4. Piranhas (for undersea attacks) 5. Deimos (A 250 Feet Tall Dragon)I think controlling one creature s perfectly simple, but an army?I would like to ask, can a average...Read more

nanotechnology - Nanorobots versus bacteria

Future scientists have developed amazing nanorobots. They use 18 simple chemical reactions to move small metal pieces a few atoms long, and are controlled by a micro antenna that can intercept radio wavesx-rays, cause them to vibrate an atom, and use that vibrating atom to send mechanical controls to a series of electromagnetic nanoscale pulleys and levers. These x-ray signals are carefully directed using a tiny x-ray beam. However, what would happen if (and when) one comes across a bacterium? What would a metal rod, about 20 atoms long and 2 t...Read more

nanotechnology - Taking control of the Human population with nanobots

Deep in an abandoned underground lab in Russia, a self-improving cybernetic intelligence has decided that he wants to take control of as many humans as possible using nanobots that he created within the lab. His goal is to simply spread the bots all around the atmosphere in a transparent fog. Since they appear semi-transparent, very few people are going to raise suspicion towards these bots, as they don't travel in large, visible masses. The bots then get into the water supply and all over the air, infecting animals and eventually humans. Once ...Read more

nanotechnology - Creating artificial mitochondria to power nanobots

To power nanobots, we are trying to create artificial mitochondria that's small enough to fit in these nanobots. But we are not sure of how to make these artificial mitochondria, which we imagine wouldn't be as simple as replicating the original mitochondria with mechanical parts. What's the best way of doing this? Edit: the there was an answer where we should use natural mitochondria, but it would be too large to fit in the nanobot, the nanobot is about the size of synapses....Read more

nanotechnology - Is it possible to make Nanosize GPS tracker?

Is it possible to make gps tracker in 2cm hair sized?Literature says there are also large restrctions... so I want to know what is the restriction.experts say that if gps tracker get more smaller it definitely make quantum size effect... So it is impossibleWhat minimum antenna length would be enough to receive and send the signal in case of nano sized GPS tracker? Can it be be 0.05mmx0.05mmx20mmif we want to run the GPS tracker, it need at least 50mW, there is alot of thermo tech for harventing energy from body temperature, eventhough its pow...Read more

nanotechnology - Microfilaments on wheels would save fuel?

Background:In the game Starcraft 2, the zerg land-based units have some microfillaments on their legs. Here is the info. The microfilaments allow the units to move faster than normal when over the alien creep spread by their "Hive". One day, I was talking with a friend of how much power of a engine needs to move a vehicle that for some reason is almost levitating, light as a feather, and he said.-"Well, if it is that light, you only need something like micro-legs to move it forward. You will save a lot of fuel".Given the background my specific ...Read more

nanotechnology - When nanite learns to fly

A brilliant scientist has developed a special kind of nanotechnology that is able to turn any piece of metal into a copy of itself... these nanites cannot assemble into a microscopic object, much less a macroscopic one. My question is how can the nanites remain airborne and eventually escape Earth entirely to consume other world?Note: since these nanites are tiny and can be easily lifted with a gentle breeze they should be able to maintain altitude on their own rather than settling down when the wind dies off and these nanites will devour any m...Read more

nanotechnology - How can I remove a TiO2 coating from my car windows?

I've tried all the common solvents including hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, acetone. I tried a high speed sander with a rare earth polish. I have spoken to the head of the chemistry dept. at Cornell University and she said she did not have a remedy that would not ruin the glass. From the MDS here's what's in it: 1.Polymeric mixture with nano 5%-10%2.Pexi Polymer 5%-10%3.Anti static additive 5%-8%4.Anti rust additive 3%-6%5.Complex micro emulsion 2%-5%6.Organofunctional siloxane blend 4%-8%7.Synthetic nano driver polymeric fusion ...Read more