myspace - What's a good web-based analytics package that'll work without requiring javascript?

My understanding is that Google Analytics (the tool I'd normally use for website analytics) cannot be used on a MySpace page, because MySpace doesn't allow you to embed javascript.But my client wants to track usage of her MySpace page.Has anyone found away around this? I'm looking for a different web-based, third-party analytics toolset, I guess. One that doesn't depend on javascript, is at least close to as feature-rich as Google Analytics, and is preferably cheap (or free!).(I picture a 1x1 image-based solution.)...Read more

MySpace Login URL?

I want to allow users log-into MySpace directly from a URL?I see that when MySpace submits its login form it goes to: I need to tack on all the hidden parameters as well as the login text box and password text box.Does anybody have this done already? I know I would do something like:$ctl00$cpMain$cpMain$LoginBox$Password_Textbox=...Read more

Automated posting on a myspace blog

I intend to automatically post an article teaser on a myspace blog when I publish it on another website. Is this possible using one of the official APIs or will I have to get down to the nitty-gritty and do this manually?I know the "Share on myspace" mechanism, but it does not allow to do blog posts....Read more