using property file along with config file to be used with mxmlc

I'm trying to run mxmlc in the following manner.mxmlc -load-config+=mycfg.xml C:\\projects\\src\\main.mxml -output myswf.swfIn the config file, I want to keep some values configurable, for example the paths of the external libraries. Is it possible to include a property file into the config file and use it as {property_name} in the config file?Or is it possible to pass certain arguments from the command line itself that will override/replace the corresponding values in the config file, like the -D option in the ant command?Please provide your s...Read more

Does Flex SDK's mxmlc create a cache file or hash to determine if source code has changed?

My ant buildfiles tell mxmlc.jar to recompile target mxml source. However, if the target mxml source file has not changed, either ant or mxmlc is ignoring the file and will not create a new swf. This is an annoyance because I'm editing files imported by the target mxml. I need it to rebuild when those files change. I'm guessing that the mxmlc is creating a cache file somewhere and comparing the target mxml (or maybe just a hash). Is this what is happening? What's the standard work-around? At the moment, I'm editing the target mxml just t...Read more