mutants and masterminds 3e - Immunity from Metal - Rol

I'm making a villain for my party to go up against, who is a metal manipulator. Not sure yet if I'm going to have his power be magnetism or just metal shaping.Anyway, his super outfit is, of course, made of metal.The problem comes in when one of the heroes has the ability to manipulate metal as well, and isn't the type to worry about the morality of making bad guys armour grow spikes into them. And when another of my intrepid 'heroes' uses guns and likes filling people with lead.So the obvious answer to the second hero, to me at least, is to ...Read more

mutants and masterminds 3e - How to build a dynamic aura blade type of power? - Rol

A player of mine wants to play a Sword master and sword collector type of character. I want it to build the power, if possible, with hero-lab (since is the standard in the group). The general idea is that the character can use most of his damage related powers without the swords but not as efficient as if he had one. For example, imagine a PL 10 character with an strength of 5, and the following powerAura bladeStrength-effect: Extra: Reach 5 (melee, 5pp).This would let the char to use his fist, for example, to do a type of Aura attack with some...Read more

mutants and masterminds 3e - Where does the "Hide Minions" extra come from? - Rol

The Hero Lab implementation of 3E Mutants and Masterminds includes a power Extra for the Summon power of "Hide Minions" with the following text: This extra hides your summoned minions. This is useful for heroes who summon many identical minions, or summon minions of a broad type. At rank 1, only one minion will be displayed. Rank 2 will hide all summoned minons [sic].The thing is, I haven't found that Extra in any of the books I have access to (Core book, Power Profiles, Gadget Guide, Cosmic Handbook, Supernatural Handbook), and the Extra isn'...Read more

mutants and masterminds 3e - How fast can you Move an Object? - Rol

This came up in another question, although I can't remember if it was here, or in another location.When using Move Object, how fast can you move the object?The long range of Move Object is rank x 100 feet. The text implies you can throw objects, freely, which suggests that at Rank 10, you could throw a 200 pound human a mile without much trouble.Should someone with Move Object who is standing 1000 feet from their teammate be able to pick up their teammate as a Move action, move them as a Standard (or maybe vice versa), and then drop them as a F...Read more

mutants and masterminds 3e - How would I stat out an inability to change a Variable effect without a certain object? - Rol

So, a PC is a wizard. One of her spells is a Variable Summon effect. She does this by invoking the names of all sorts of things from a magical book.What I am trying to figure out, is how can I make it so that she cannot pick a different thing to summon without her book? The effect is not truly Removable--she can still perform the spell without it. Nor is it Slow--she only needs to glance down at the book to memorize the quick incantation.How could I make it so that she is unable to change her Variable, if she is disarmed, without actually losin...Read more

mutants and masterminds 3e - Does a target get a Dodge check, for effects they cannot see? - Rol

An Area effect allows a dodge check, typically, unless it is also Perception-based. However, what if a target cannot see it--such as an effect with Subtle, that they cannot detect? Do they still get a chance to dodge?The power in question is a sort of "aura" that exudes from the PC, meant to automatically effect everyone in an area, in their mind. An invisible "field" of affliction.In short: Does a person get to dodge an effect they cannot see? And is there any penalty for doing so?...Read more

mutants and masterminds 3e - Can Immortality Affect Others? - Rol

Okay, I've got an odd one here.So, a player in my group has gotten an... Interesting ability. I'm extremely happy, with his innovativeness, but it seems sort of... Like it might not be meant to happen, from a rules perspective.The effect is Immortality rank 20, with Sustained, Affects others, and Limited to Only Others.He uses this as a sort of extreme Raise Dead spell. By touching someone, they gain the effects of Immortality, and because it is rank 20, they do so within a single round.I am not averse to it happening, and I love that he was wi...Read more

mutants and masterminds 3e - Do the Vulnerable and Defenseless conditions affect the Deflect effect? - Rol

So I was looking at the Deflect effect, in M&M 3E.Normally, the Vulnerable condition causes someone to half their Active Defenses. The Defenseless condition puts them at zero.The Deflect effect seems like it replaces an active defenses; which makes it seem like it would be unaffected. However, it also requires a Defend action, which makes it seem like it is an active defense.So my question is this. Do Vulnerable and Defenseless affect the Deflect effect?...Read more

mutants and masterminds 3e - How does the Postcognition Sense work? - Rol

Looking at the postcognition sense effect in the DC Adventures book (same rules as m&m3e) I noticed it required checks to determine what your visions are that reveal info about the past (DC15 for a confusing symbolic vision, DC30 for a clear matter of fact vision).What I couldnt find was what you roll against that DC. Since you need 4 ranks in Senses to buy postcog is the roll 1d20+4? is the roll an investigation or perception skill check? if it is the skill check do the 4 ranks of senses add to the skill check as well as the skills normal ...Read more

mutants and masterminds 3e - How to make an area shield effect power? - Rol

This is the first time I am playing M&M 3e, and I am trying to create what is basically a combination of a Force Field and Deflect. I am not sure if this is possible without DM intervention (and I would prefer building within the rules before trying to get something house ruled).My vision for this character is basically a big magic-powered cyborg who can stop magic from happening in an area (perhaps selectively, but that's not a requirement), absorb magical energy to power himself (which I don't think should be part of the Shield power, bu...Read more

Does Mutants and Masterminds 3e have Canon for Mutants Origins and Statistics? - Rol

I've been scouring the sourcebooks and I can't really find anything pertaining to mutants. Sure there are some pieces about mutants districts, mutant supremacists, and government programs/research but I want to get into the nitty-gritty of it. So I was wondering:1) Where and When do Mutants make their first appearances in M&M 3e?2) In 3e what is, or the mostly likely, cause of Mutants?3) In 3e what percentage of humanity is Mutant?...Read more

mutants and masterminds 3e - Taking a running leap... how does this happen? - Rol

Mutants and Masterminds has a "running leap" that's generally twice the distance of a "standing leap". The question I've had is, what does one need to do to take advantage of it? Does one having to take a Move action right before that, possibly in the prior turn? Is the run-up considered part of the leaping distance? How much distance is necessary? This might seem trivial, or something better suited to a Rule 0 ruling of "whatever is most fun", but it keeps showing up in games, and when distance is doubled by a run-up, it can make a huge differ...Read more

mutants and masterminds 3e - How does the Trance Advantage function? - Rol

While researching an answer to this question I asked, I came across the hero Raven, who has precognition (I was hoping her character info might shed light on my postcog dilemma). While reading about her I took note of the Trance advantage which states: Through breathing and bodily control, you can slip into a deep trance. This takes a minute of uninterrupted meditation and a DC 15 Awareness check. While in the trance you add your Awareness rank to your Stamina rank to determine how long you can hold your breath and you use the higher of ...Read more

mutants and masterminds 3e - Do Continuous effects in an array remain after you switch to a different power? - Rol

Note: This is different to What happens when you use a continuous power in an array and then switch to a different power? as that covers 2nd edition, and I'm focused on 3rd.Say you have an array with two powers: one is a Create effect with Increased Duration (Continuous) extra, the other is an attack of some kind. You use the former to create a box, and then switch to the other. Does the box remain, or does it vanish?The rules are ambiguous on this point, and there is a strong argument for either position from both a rules and a thematic perspe...Read more