mutant city blues - How difficult should hacking a computer or security system be with technokenesis? - Rol

The power, Technokenesis, allows control over electronic systems. However, the way the control is described is very odd: a car, driving itself, would have the steering wheel move. It has a strange difficulty curve. An ATM is just as difficult to interact with as an electronic lock (difficulty 4) and far easier than a gun with electronic components (8) or cruise missile (10).This makes very little sense if the difficulty is complexity of system and suggests the difficulty is for some other purpose.Technokinesis: You can impel machines and devic...Read more

The physics of Reduce Temperature in Mutant City Blues - Rol

Reduce Temperature states: You can reduce temperatures in a spherical area centered on any point within range. The diameter of the sphere is 1m for each point in your ... pool. ... +1 difficulty for every 5 C of temperature drop.This power can be absurdly powerful with a little creativity, depending on how the physics of the thing work.Reading the power, it's clear that it is intended to eliminate energy in an atmospheric area of potentially quite large scope.I'm not interested in questions of balance, but on defining the power such that it's ...Read more