I seem to lose muscle size quickly if not working out for some time. Why?

Not months of lay off but no more than 10 days takes my muscles, especially of my arms, from looking big and feeling hard to something that doesn't make me look like I lift serious weight. It stays in good shape and feel for up to a week of not working out but anything more than that and this happens.Why does this happen?I don't lose strength though. I consume enough protein as well.Is this just my body type or is there any solution for this?...Read more

Does muscle mass help or hurt for powerlifting and other strength sports?

When training for powerlifting, olympic lifting, strongman events, etc., the majority of training cycles in an overall program would be focused on strength (myofibular hypertrophy) and perhaps power.Is there any benefit to adding in a cycle focusing on mass (sarcoplasmic hypertrophy)? My first inclination is that it would just add bodyweight and bump me up to a higher weight class, but perhaps there are structural benefits?...Read more